We’re Wishing You a Happy Easter With Our Easter Basket Giveaway!

We’re excited to celebrate Easter by giving away a special Easter basket delivered to your door, chock full of yummy San Francisco edibles and beautiful Pottery Barn pieces. Want to win this yummy basket, brimming over with delightful treats? Keep reading to find out what’s in the basket, and to learn how to enter to win it.Easter-Contest-3
Our Easter Basket contains:



Want to win this fabulous Easter basket? Just fill out the form below (you can click here for the official rules). Make sure to also leave a comment and tell us how you’re celebrating Easter this year!

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what a great Giveaway, Thank you! We will be doing an Easter brunch and Easter egg hunt with the kiddos this Easter.

I love that we have a family tradition of coloring eggs on Good Friday, getting the eggs and food blessed on Saturday and then church, Easter baskets and a heavenly dinner Sunday afternoon with my beautiful family

OOOh !! I’m loving this! From the jams and candy to the books and salt n pepper shakers… sooo cute!! I collect bunnies and this is perfect and oh soo cute!! Congrats to whoever wins this in advance.. maybe even me!! Good luck everyone!! This is super dooper nice!!

I will be celebrating Easter (and the 1 Year Anniversary of my engagement) with my family, friends and fiancΓ© in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We always spend the holiday down at the beach with both of our families. Hopefully this year it will be nice enough to get some sun before our wedding coming up in May! I would love to win this basket for many reasons but mainly because it has some of my favorite items in there-and who doesn’t love bunny salt and pepper shakers?? I do!!!

Such a fun and festive Easter basket!

We’re celebrate with our annual Easter Lunch at my parents, and are looking forward to coordinating my son & niece in adorable outfits for their first Easter! =)

Great basket ~ I LOVE Pottery Barn. My family always has a big celebration for Easter. We have celebrated for over 60 years. Would love to share the treats in this basket with my loved ones.

I think this basket is WONDERFUL!! My boyfriend and I are going to my Aunt & Uncles, and it would sure be nice to make something out of one of those recipe books, or to bring some of the goodies with to share with everyone! Also, it is our first year in our new home, the more decorations the better so we can host our OWN Easter dinner next year! Thanks Pottery Barn, for all the give-a-way chances, and for coming out with some very great products!

This basket is so cute and I love the bunny table runner! I am celebrating Easter at home and hoping it is a beautiful day so we can have dinner outside.

We’re celebrating Easter with Easter Egg hunting and baskets in the morning for our children and then attending church. After church, we’ll be going to a family dinner at my in-laws home.

just thinking about the coffee is making me drool!! love everything in the basket.. never would have thought to put jam in an easter basket! perfect!

I adore the Bunny Salt and Pepper shakers! Easter this year will be spent with my sister, who is my best friend in the world, and her family!

We are staying home this year (and not going on a spring break vaca) We would love to relax with this awesome basket! Happy Easter Everyone!

I’ll be hiding chocolate eggs and a basket for my son for possibly the last time…He’s 18 and heading off to college in the fall but still enjoys the Easter hunt!

I am celebrating Easter with my husband. We will attend sunrise service at our church, followed by a nice breakfast then later dinner of ham with sides. What a wonderful prize this would be!!

We are dyeing eggs and then going to my Dad’s house for a late lunch. This gift basket would be well used in our house! πŸ˜€

We are celebrating Easter with a egg hunt for the kids followed by a potluck style dinner with our entire extended family. I love this time of year!!

Love this! Celebrating Easter with my family this year and would love to have the Honey Bunny runner on my table as well as the other goodies!

I am doing an easter egg hunt for my pups this year…I love hiding treats (bananas, blueberries and pieces of bananas) in plastic eggs and they pop the egg open and eat the treat!

This Easter is very special to me because the last chick-e-dee in my nest became engaged and will marry this year. Your lovely Easter basket is the such a generous giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

I would love to give this to my mother in law. She has done so much for my family since my husband lost his job. It would be great to give back.. Happy Easter to everyone. Good luck!


That sounds wonderful! My family and I would love to spend Easter at the beach. One year we went sledding after our meal – we has a lot of snow that year.

Every year we wake up for a delish breakfast in our home. The kids treat themselves to their Easter Goodies, out our finest attire on, and head to church. After church, it is family tradtion, that we all head to Grandmother’s House for a superb Easter Lunch:) After lunch, we have an Easter Egg Hunt on the farm for the Kids. This year is going to be extra special because Papa is surprising the kids with Baby Bunnies and chicks. Stacey C.

We celebrated “Easter” on the Equinox with good foods, and some scavenger hung.. Then we will celebrate again with friends and family with some hunting and more good foods!

I just love Pottery Barn and have adorned my home with some of its lovely items. You did a great job with selections of and inside this basket of great treats. I’d love to share it and therefore hope I win. But if I don’t, may the winner(s) share it happily with friends and loved ones. That’s always best!!

We will be celebrating Easter with our traditional Easter basket search and Easter egg hunt. A buffet style brunch will follow. Happy Easter everyone!!!

we will be eating a marinated pork loin,new potatoes, deviled eggs and a yummy dessert. Sharing Easter baskets and enjoy time with family. Hopefully we can share the contents of your wonderful basket too.

Love the baskets, a little bit of everything! This Easter we will spend it with my sister, taking her out for dinner. This spring break my family will be spending it at home this year…possibly a day or two in Philly or NYC.

I will be celebrating with a small family get together. My two year old will be doing an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

What a nice basket I could share with my family! We’ll be traveling to spend the extended weekend with our family about 2 hours away. Lots of little ones will be excited anticipating the arrival of the bunny. I can’t wait!

The basket looks beautufl! I am celebrating Easter with family and friends at my parents house. I love getting together with loved ones and catching up.

My granddaughter’s birthday is Easter Sunday this year! We are celebrating it Saturday so we can attend church on Sunday, then a wonderful lunch and of course the great Easter egg hunt!

Going out for a buffet dinner this year with the family since the kitchen is being remodeled! I’ll need to find all kind of new goodies from Pottery Barn to stock the new kitchen!

This is very nice of the Pottery Barn to give away something like this when our economy is so bad. This is a super nice basket and anyone that wins this will be very blessed…

I am celebrating Easter with my Fiance’s family for the first time this year! I would love to bring the basket full of goodies to share with my soon-to-be family!

The Easter Bunny leaves candy and treats all around the house for the kids to hunt for. He also brings the kids lots of outdoor toys to play with like jumpropes, bubbles or sports equipment for them to get outside and enjoy the warming weather. We have a light breakfast like fruit salad and muffins then the whole family comes over and we have an early dinner. One of my favorite holidays!

The basket looks wonderful! We will be celebrating by helping to host our Volunteer Fire Department Easter Egg Hunt and topping the weekend off with great food and the best company ever- FAMILY!

Celebrating Easter? With Cameron Hughes Moscato of course and I aspire to make a tablescape as nice as Danielle Rollins’!

<3!! I'd love to "win" this-I'd share the jams with my Dad, pass the coffee along to my bestie & have some chocolate with my Mom…My parents & I are celebrating Easter with my nieces & nephew(my bro & sis-in-law got a chance to go to Hawaii) & we're thrilled!! Having little ones just makes Easter even more special!! Can't wait!!

This is a time of renewal–planting the seeds in my garden and my mind for a true blossoming of beauty! Love, love your basket!

What an amazing Basket, would of course love to win but happy for whoever does !! πŸ™‚ we will be celebrating Easter with our Daughter and Grandson wishing we could be with our entire family but we will try and Skype with them to make being apart a little easier..

We are celebrating Easter locally this year with Easter baskets for everyone, egg coloring, and a special ham for Sunday dinner!

This Easter weekend is going to be spent moving my daughter into her first apartment. This basket would be a great house-warming gift for her!!

Celebrating Easter with family at my Uncle and Aunt’s new house. Hopefully there won’t be too much snow on the ground so we can have an egg hunt for the kids outside!

I think that basket is chock full of wonderful things and would love to add it to our Easter celebration. We always gather together after church for a very traditional dinner and then spend the afternoon playing games and egg hunts for the grandkids

Church Service, Easter Egg Hunt and Easter dinner with inlaws, It’s still cold here….Hoping for a bit of warm weather to show up too. πŸ™‚

This basket is awesome!! We are celebrating Easter at home. Looks like it will be a snowy one since spring hasn’t decided to show up yet. Would be extra special anyway if we got to enjoy these treats! I love Pottery Barn! It’s my daily ritual to check out the website. We own many items and I’m always dreaming of more:-)! Good luck everyone!

We will be celebrating with friends this year. Will start off with going to Mass, an Easter egg hunt and then prepare for a couple families to come over to help us celebrate.

It is my son’s first Easter, so we are having my husband’s extended family over for brunch! It is also the first year I have embraced holiday decorating, it has been fun.

Since I am working out of state and can not get home to my family in California I am spending Easter afternoon at the Holi Festival, the celebration of spring, and later having dinner at my house with close friends

Beautiful — PB does it beautiful every time! I love, love, love that the goodies in the basket are local and made in the U.S.A. — two bunny ears up PB!

Easter is being hosted at our house this year for the first time ever!!!! I’m super excited about all the cooking, and yes, a little nervous. We’re doing a huge easter egg hunt for all the kids, over 100 eggs will be hidden!! πŸ˜€ Happy easter everyone!!!

Unfortunately, I’ll be recovering from 3 concurrent surgeries. If I can make it to church, I will happily. Otherwise, it’s not a brunch or family. It’s rest. But, still able to rejoice that it’s Easter!

will attend church services and then back home to share with the family.. this basket will come in handy for sharing with the family…alot of wonderful items to given away…i hope that i will win…ty for letting me partipate

We will be spending Easter with our daughter’s little family and we will definitely be doing brunch after the kids follow the Easter Bunny’s notes giving them clues as to where to find their treats! Fun!!

Haven’t seen our family since Christmas, can’t wait to visit them for Easter Egg hunts with the grands and dinner with the family!

Celebrting Easter with family then going to Florida for basaeball tournament & spring break. Happy Easter everyone!

Easter week – Holy Week – is full of various services and activities, including extra choir practice and prepping the church for a beautiful Sunday. Then there’s Easter baskets at home, an egg hunt for all ages, and finally a yummy supper. Strawberry shortcake for dessert, no matter the weather! Best wishes to all πŸ™‚

We will probably go somewhere for a nice Easter brunch – we have no family here, so every other year we cook at home – I like going out for a nice brunch.. no dishes to clean! πŸ™‚

We don’t believe in the Easter bunny or that the resurrection should be celebrated just on one Sunday. It will be a normal Sunday for us. Hopefully with family for dinner.

We actually haven’t figured out what we are doing. My husband is in Alaska this Easter and we don’t have any family close by. I think we will make resurrection rolls the night before, go to church in the morning. Open up Easter basket,maybe do an impromptu Easter Egg hunt and then just spend time together. Its hard when your loved ones are so far away.

Celebrating with my honey. Can’t go anywhere due to being a cancer patient and low blood count numbers. Also can’t be around people because I might get sick. Grateful for my boyfriend, caregiver. Happy Easter to all.

Getting together with old friends whom we new from living on St. Croix USVI. We rarely get to see them all..so it will be an extra treat this Easter.

Getting together with my husband’s side of the family. Will be about 35-40 people. Fun time and always great to get together!

Having friends over for the a fabulous brunch — and crossing fingers it includes goodies from this basket. Thank you and good luck everyone!

Easter will be at my Brother’s this year. Afraid that there will be no outdoor easter egg hunt because of the 5 feet of snow in the back yard.

I would like to win this basket for my wonderful daughter in law and son. Today is their 6 month anniversary, but have only been together married 1 week before he started his deployment. I am praying for his safe return ( along with all of the other soldiers from The 1487th in Afghanistan) by Sept 22,2013 to celebrate their First Anniversary together. Now that will be a great celebration!! Pray for all our troops!!flora

Not sure just yet, my Aunt may be coming from Montreal. Perhaps we will do a brunch or dinner somewhere, or I will have dinner in my home.

A very lovely prize basket! Hope to spend Easter with my sister and her family. My nieces are always eager to help in the kitchen and its always messy but really fun!

Having a great family day.. Would love to add these items to our fun day . Everyone could something from the awesome pottery barn basket..

I am hosting my first Easter lunch. I recently got married and I am hosting my husband’s family for lunch after church. I am planning to cook a ham and serve it with the grandmother’s famous mustard sauce! πŸ™‚

Celebrating with our large family! We have three boys and two foster daughters that will be waking up Easter morning with all kinds of excitement!

We live on a military base away from family so we are very excited that my little brother will be flying in to celebrate with us

Our family is celebrating Easter with our grandmother – our grandfather recently passed away, so we want to try and make things as bright and happy as we can for her! We’re throwing her a fancy brunch and hiding some treats in her coat pockets/purse when she’s not looking, so she has a surprise for later. πŸ™‚

Thanks for the fabulous giveaway, this gift basket is absolutely gorgeous! I really hope I win so I can give it to my grandmother as an Easter gift – I know it would make her day. Fingers crossed!

Easter celebration is new to me, but we do easter egg hunt with the kids (nephews and niece) and is very fun… then we eat traditional upstate New York dish “chicken riggies” πŸ˜€

Don’t know yet. My family all comes to my house for Easter, but I’ve been sick and we haven’t talked about it. We will see as time gets closer to Easter.

Would love to win this and take it with me to the beach to share with family guest! Neat looking goodies seem to be in the basket. Hope to hear from you soon. <3

I hope to be cooking dinner for some of the family here in Sacramento. :0) Lovely gift basket. Thanks for the chance to win!

Easter brunch at a favorite local restaurant and a relaxing day at home together…complete with chocolate bunnies and all my peeps… πŸ˜‰
Happy Easter everyone!!

We’re going to church and then celebrating with my family over a delicious meal that I’m cooking this year πŸ™‚ I am slightly nervous!

Just going to be a quiet one this year. We recently relocated and don’t have any family here. So it will be dinner out and some down time with the hubby and our dog Malcolm.

Easter egg hunt with my 3 kids with close family friends. Church and then Brunch. I love spring time and celebrating the Resurrection of my Lord Jesus Christ!

We will begin our day at the Easter sunrise service with our church family. After that, we will travel to Orlando to share Easter dinner with my best friend and her husband. God and family — there is nothing better!

We are celebrating Easter by going to church, taking our daughter to Easter egg hunt and then a nice family dinner.

I will be celebrating a wonderful Easter with people I love and hopefully decorated up “Pottery Barn” style:)
Happy Easter!

We always enjoy a wonderful morning of music, breakfast, and preparing for the day. We visit my sister’s kids via internet, make all the phone calls to loved ones, and end the day with a beautiful dinner.

We will be celebrating Easter with our family. We are blessed with a wonderful family and enjoy our holidays together. Our guest of honor will be my dear mom who has been fighting cancer courageously for the past 6 years. We are truly blessed.

Spending Easter with family at my Aunt’s house. We have been going there every year since we were born. It will be a a special Easter this year. My sister has a baby girl!!! After all the boys in the family—no girls—so this is exciting!!!

Not sure exactly what we will be doing but this year will be my sons first easter so we have to do something special !

We are spending Easter together just as our little family…the Larsen Bunch. We have had some significant challenges over the last several months and we feel this is a time to just sit back and be grateful for the many blessings that we do have rather than focusing on the negative. πŸ™‚ Bunnies are out for decoration, hard boiled eggs will be cooked and made beautiful by tiny hands that think the Easter Bunny is magical. We will attend church and feel the love our Heavenly Father has for us, and finish up with a yummy dinner. I love the holidays….Thank you for the chance to express it! Happy Easter everybody!

Celebrating with Easter Brunch followed by our traditional egg hunt for the kids – the usual πŸ™‚ Can’t wait :))))

Spending time with the family. We also planned a pretty neat scavenger hunt for our kiddos when they wake up on Easter.

Dinner with my little family. 0n the table will be a small turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, turnip, gravy, cranberries, salad and wine! Not sure about dessert yet, maybe we wont need it11

will be celebrating with the youngest, decorating eggs and eating chocs! the oldest will probably not come home, i’ll mail her basket to her

The basket looks beautiful!!!!!!!
I will be celebrating with my amazing husband this year, I do not celebrate Easter since 2007, for being away from family in another country. So happy this year!!!
Happy Easter for all <3

Anything you win from Pottery Barn would be amazing. ALL the baskets look amazing! It would be a wonderful surprise to win one of them. Happy Easter to all!

Forgot to say I am celebrating Easter with my wonderful family! My son will be home from college! It will be very relaxing.

This Easter will be celebrated with church, an Easter egg hunt for my daughter… and dinner with those we love. and LOTS of CHOCOLATE!!!

I’ll be celebrating with my son on his first Easter having dinner with family and pictures with the Easter Bunny of course!!

Celebrating Easter and hubby’s birthday with a beautiful sunrise service at Stone Mountain. πŸ™‚ then an afternoon with family.

We are celibrating our Lord this Easter AND with my sweet little girl who is turning 10 years old easter day! We love you sweetie-sweetie!!

I will be spending Easter Sunday with the family. We will attend church, enjoy a dinner together and of course hunt for eggs with the little ones.

After taking classes at Pottery Barn on hosting a brunch, I have invited all of my family over to my house after church
for a wonderful brunch and I get to show off the skills I have learned. My table is going to look amazing.

Celebrating Easter with the family– (the Easter Bunny will be hiding Easter candy in odd places around the house), then enjoying Easter breakfast with traditional Easter buns, eggs, and the family together! (recuperating from colds!)

Going to our Sunrise service to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus and the forgiveness that He gives, then out for coffee and to the regular Sunday church service, followed by brunch with my extended family at my parents’ home, and an Easter Egg Hunt, hopefully with all 5 of my grandkids! Easter–a celebration of Faith–with family–I love it!!! Thankyou, Pottery Barn, for the Easter Basket contest!

We will celebrate together with a Passover seder on Saturday night and an Easter brunch on Sunday morning. In the Freed family, we celebrate all of the holidays!

church and a enjoying the day with my little family of 5. Can’t wait to watch the excitement of the easter bunny, egg hunts, crafts through the eyes of my 5,3 and 1 yr olds!!

Our family gets together in NH for a traditional Easter brunch at Lamee’s. Great place for all my high and college aged nephews to eat until there hearts content! My nieces love the chocolate fountain. Then whiffle ball at my brotherinlaws house in the backyard afterwards to works off all that good food.

We are celebrating Easter with our Annual Easter Bunny Chase at our farm in Los Gatos California. All the kids and some adults chase a brave (and handsomely bribed) giant Easter Bunny around the lavender farm while collecting candy filled eggs. A $20 money egg is the grand find!!

My family is dwindling down, unfortunately. However, we will celebrate with my son and his fiance over brunch.

This is a fantastic basket – thanks for the amazing giveaway.

Waking up on Easter Morning is truly like no other holiday morning. The Sun rises with you and at least here in the East, there is still a crispness in the air, however, it does not stop me from opening a window to allow Spring to blow a breathe of fresh air through the house. The chaos will shortly follow with my boys, 5 and 1.5 running through the house searching for eggs! I will be attempting Stuffed French Toast to be served on the PB bunny cakestand, fingers crossed! And then off to celebrate with my 5 other siblings and their families at my parents. Funny how walking through the door you couldn’t wait to get out of feels so good! A little taste of San Francisco would lead to a Brunch with all of my LARGE family the following weekend, so we would all win:) thank you PB

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