Behind the Design

Behind the Design: One Designer’s Inspired Sketches From the Pottery Barn DIFFA Dining By Design Table

What does it take to create a perfectly executed, dramatic dining table? A lot of creative talent, hard work, dedication  . . . and great product from Pottery Barn!  At the recent DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) Dining by Design event, Pottery Barn’s designers and creative staff went above and beyond to design and execute an incredible dining installation.

Today, we wanted to showcase Pottery Barn designer Tony’s inspired sketches, which became the basis for the table installation at the DIFFA event. Keep scrolling down as well for a sneak peek of the final design — tomorrow we’ll show you all of the incredible photos from the actual table!



The sketches are certainly striking, wouldn’t you agree?


Is your curiosity piqued? Keep scrolling for a photo of the final design!


And here’s a sneak peek of the final table!

Event_DIFFA_Pottery Barn-0658

Photo courtesy Alli Pura Photo

By chance saw this setting and the event 2 Q’s How to get on upcoming events list. Secondly, where can I find the individual silverware holders or similar one’s. Great cause and love simple yet awe inspiring DIFFA design.

I would like to be able to purchase lights similar to those in the Diffa display dinner table , I am building a new home and nothing like this is available in Australia.


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