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Happy April Fool’s Day! We’re Celebrating With Some Laughs Courtesy of Catalog Living

We’re big fans of Molly Erdman’s site Catalog Living, which offers a good-natured ribbing of catalog photo shoots. Today, we’re featuring five of our favorite recent Pottery Barn moments from the site.


Pucker up . . .


Gary, I’m not sure how me saying “put the limes out” translates to “give the limes bunny ears and put them in a rock sculpture.”



High strung . . . img66o

Frankly Gary, I’ve been so busy I’m amazed I’ve found the time to keep our twine spool jar full.


The agony of the seat . . .


Doris the white chair wondered why she was always the one left holding the fruit and jar of rocks while the other chairs had fun chasing each other around.


Getting the picture . . .

img65o (1)

Eyeing the two-dimensional stack of books, the chairs wondered if someday they too would be obsolete.


The cheese stands alone . . . img65o (2)

The mice summoned all their will power to remain professional despite this being the most challenging catering event of their careers.


Love Molly’s funny captions? Check out more of her hilarity in her book, Catalog Living at its Most Absurd, or head to her blog Catalog Living for more funny captions!




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