Fun With Playdough!

Whether you’re using it to teach or just have fun, playdough is the perfect putty for budding creativity. The possibilities are endless, but we’ve rounded up three of our favorite playdough activities to inspire you and your little ones.

1. DIY Playdough Letters. The recipe for this DIY Playdough from Hellobee is wonderfully simple, and the colors turn out vivid and bright. With a few letter cookie cutters, you’ll be introducing your little learner to a colorful world of spelling!


2. Playdough Pictures. Give your little one plenty of space to create a Playdough Picture from a rolled-out playdough canvas. We love this suggestion from Childhood 101: preserve the art by rolling paint over the image, then pressing a piece of paper on top. Voila – a printed masterpiece.


3. Playdough Squishy Toys. These Playdough Stress Balls from Moonfrye are great for your little one AND you! For customized squishes, let your child decorate theirs with a favorite face or pattern.


Looking for more inspiration? Visit Design Studio to see all of our craft ideas!

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