Pretty in Pink: A Simply Delicious Cocktail for Drink Dispensers

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I’m not gonna hide it. I loved everything about this photoshoot. From visiting with my best friend Lea, to making a flower arrangement, to finally toasting to it all. Okay, the last part is the highlight — the toast! Ah, nothing’s better than a Tybee Island Sipper recipe — created by the author of From the Kitchen of Azure Rountree.

Tybee Island Sipper From the Kitchen of Azure Rountree

Items needed:
1 (750ml) bottle sauvignon blanc (chilled)
2 cups white cranberry juice (chilled)
¼ cup agave nectar
2 tablespoons triple sec orange liqueur (chilled)
1 bottle champagne (chilled)

In a drink dispenser, combine bottle of sauvignon blanc, white cranberry juice, agave nectar and triple sec, then stir together. Fill champagne glasses 2/3 of the way full. Top each glass with champagne and serve.

Cocktail Recipe: From the Kitchen of Azure Rountree
Location: Golden Isles
Photography: Jade + Matthew and Jenna Davis Photography
Styling: Lauren Weems
Supplies: Smithers-Oasis

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