The Ultimate Guide to an Organized Dorm Room

Congratulations – you’ve been accepted to college and you’re heading to the dorms this fall! There are so many exciting changes ahead, starting with an age-old challenge: how to fit all your stuff into a tiny dorm room.

Well, that’s where we come in! Organization is key to living in a small space, so we’ve rounded up our top ideas for keeping everything right where you want it.

0515_Blog_Dorm_Org_11. Utilize under-bed storage.

  • First, try elevating your bed. Some schools will loft your bed if you ask, and it’s a great way to make room for a desk – or even just a few stacked bins and baskets.
  • Next, add a trunk to the newly created space for stowing away extra bedding, clothes that aren’t in season and anything else you’d like out of the way.
  • Also consider storing extra school supplies, course readers and textbooks in a few stacked bins and baskets

0515_Blog_Dorm_Org_22. Make your closet work hard. 

  • While you probably won’t have as much closet room as you’re used to, there are ways to maximize every bit of space you’ve got.  Try closet organizers, which offer nooks for everything from shoes and accessories to sweaters and tees.
  • Hang an over-the-door organizer inside your closet or on the back side of your dorm room’s front door. It’s an easy way to store shoes and accessories or even beauty and shower supplies.
  • You likely won’t have much (if any!) bathroom counter space. Try a rolling storage cart and bins to keep daily supplies neat and tidy.
  • Don’t forget the power of laundry bags to keep unwashed clothes out of your way and ready for laundry day.

0515_Blog_Dorm_Org_33. Set your desk up for success.

  • Keep your desk clutter-free (and know where everything is) with stylish desk accessories.
  • Add a dose of personality and keep books upright with some cute bookends.
  • Your roommate may not be the late-night study owl you are, so keep a task lamp nearby for when the overhead room lights go out.
  • To store larger items like extra notebooks, place a few bins and baskets next to your desk.
  • For items you want to hang onto but don’t want in the way (we’re thinking textbooks and course readers), try a style-savvy trunk. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have space for a bookcase.

0515_Blog_Dorm_Org_44. Get cozy! 

  • Make your bed double as a lounge space for two-in-one functionality. A Lounge Around Pillow is a super-comfy way to take an internet break or do some late-night reading.
  • Your bed can also serve as a study spot when you need a break from your desk. Try a lapdesk while reviewing notes – it makes studying a little more comfortable!
  • When you’re done hitting the books, you’ll need a cozy space to sleep. Start with a cute sheet set that fits your style, then add a quilt or comforter to keep you warm on chilly nights. Lastly, a blanket or throw is the perfect finishing layer.
  • Give your look some personality with a few decorative throw pillows.

0515_Blog_Dorm_Org_55. Add a few finishing touches. 

  • Make sure you have a mini fridge to store snacks and water.
  • Give your floor a little flair with a soft, plush rug (this small step will make your room feel so much cozier!).
  • Add stylish room accessories to make the space feel like your own.
  • Add a monogram to some of your favorite items for a personal touch.

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