PBteen’s Dog of The Month: Kelly Slater’s Pup, Action

It’s that time again — we’re sharing this month’s PBteen Dog of The Month! This month we are sharing Kelly Slater’s furrrr-ociously cute pup, Action! Yesterday Action took over our Instagram, so today we though we’d follow up by getting to know a little bit more about the precious pooch!

Do you have any nicknames?

My humans also call me Action Jackson, Gigi, & StoobieDoo!

Can you share the meaning behind the name “Action”?

My mom and dad couldn’t think of a good name for me for months. I test drove about twenty different names, everything from Biggie Smalls to Wiggolly Dantes. Every morning I would get up and run super fast in circles and all around the room. Then, my daddy yelled, “Action!” and the name stuck.

What’s your favorite toy?

I love to play ball and fetch. Every morning, I find my ball and bring it to the yard to chase. My dad hits the ball with his golf clubs so it can go very far. I can run very fast!

SU15KellySlaterHomereportage_rd_981Favorite place for a lil afternoon snooze?

I love laying and tanning in the sunshine. I always seem to find the sun spot and am happy to lay there all day (in between chasing balls and begging for treats!).

This one should be juicy… any celebrity puppy crushes?

I love Boo the dog. I am hoping to play ball and skateboard with Boo soon. I can show Boo the beach and how to run away from the waves. Maybe we can go and surf together!

SU15KellySlatervideoshootreportage_rd_0691What charity is nearest and dearest to you?

Best Friends, which helps support animals that need to be rescued from shelters — since I was adopted, this charity is near and dear to me and my humans.

Your favorite way to take action?

Every time we go to the beach, which is basically five times a day, my humans and I always pick up trash. It is incredible to see how much trash is left behind. We have also participated in many beach clean ups.

SU15KellySlatervideoshootreportage_rd_0745Most embarrassing moment?

When we were flying to Honolulu for a Hawaiian getaway (my favorite!) I had an accident in the airport. I was trying to hold it after a six hour flight but there was no grass. Luckily, my mom and dad had their biodegradable pick up bags!

Favorite place to travel

My favorite place to travel is France! Who doesn’t love French food? I hate that plane flight, but when I arrived, the restaurant let me sit at the table and made my favorite, chicken and rice. I got to go everywhere in France and everyone always wants to pet me and smile at me. 🙂

Can you do any tricks?

I love to fetch, play with balls, sit, stay, come, and I can shake both paws. I am trying to learn to roll over!

How sweet is this little guy!? For more on Action be sure to check out yesterday’s Instagram takeover!

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