#pbteenpuppyloveGuess what?! Today is National “Take Your Dog to Work Day!” To celebrate, for this month’s Dog of the Month, we’re featuring pups who belong to the PBteen team! You may remember some cuties we featured last year from around the office. Today we are sharing 12 more of our favorite little four-legged friends.
oakley copyOakley is an adorable 3 month old golden retriever who loves his stuffed moose and eating peanut butter and ice cubes while he grows!
bentleyBentley is a 5 years old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel whose favorite treat is a tie between cookies, and stealing tissues out of the trash.
rosieRosie is an 8 years old pug who goes by Row Row. She lives on a ranch and loves to go anywhere with mom in the car!
fenwayFenway is 10 months old and 85 pounds! He is a Bernese Mountain Dog who loves going on walks and jumping on you to say hello! Recognize him as our February dog of the month?
gracieGracie is 11 years old and her nickname is the Weimaraner Princess! You may have seen her at PBteen.com!
oliveOlive is 3 years old, loves to sleep on clean laundry (coincidentally her favorite toy is socks) and has a celebrity puppy crush on Wishbone.
samSam is a 9 years old rescue Chocolate Labrador from Golden Gate Lab Rescue. He absolutely loves to swim and knows how to open cabinets and trash cans to get his food 🙂
freewayFreeway is 7 years old and loves to snooze on his very own PBteen beanbag!
remiRemi is 3 years old, goes by Rem Rem and loves to play dead when you say “bang” and pretend to shoot a gun.
buddyBuddy is a 2 year old Tibetan Spaniel who loves traveling to LA and enjoys snoozing on the foot of the bed.
baxterBaxter is 2 and a half years old, loves to play in the sun and has the ultimate crush on @tunameltsmyheart!
kelpieKelpie is a 15 years old Carin Terrier and her favorite treat is apples!

Want to see YOUR dog featured next month? Tag your Instagram photos with #PBteenPuppyLove – and check back on The Stylehouse!

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