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Behind the Scenes

PBteen Extraordinary Teen – Zach Morgan

Over the past few months we’ve shared with you 11 incredible Extraordinary Teens. Today, we’re sharing our youngest and smallest (but definitely big hearted!) 10 year old Extraordinary Teen, Zach Morgan, who is helping boost the confidence of kids fighting illnesses.

His nonprofit organization, Zach’s Lidz for Kidz, coordinates hat drives across the U.S. to collect brand new donations. Through partnerships with children’s hospitals and cancer service organizations, over 3,000 hats have been donated! Zach earned National attention when the Hasbro toy company honored him with its Community Action Hero Award in 2013. As a community ambassador for Hasbro, he has also donated over 1,000 toys to local charities!

Zach’s generosity and passion for helping others at such a young age astounds us! We’re humbled to have him among the PBteen extraordinary teen family.  To donate to his cause, visit here!

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Fun Facts about Zach

  • Favorite Travel Destination – New York & San Francisco
  • Favorite day of the week – Saturday
  • Dream job – Football player
  • Favorite room in the house – His room
  • Favorite childhood movie – Big Hero 6
  • Bedtime – 9:00 pm
  • Sport he plays – Football, baseball, basketball and soccer
  • How he would take care of the planet – Clean it

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If Zach was granted three wishes he would ask for the following: every person goes to heaven, the world to be a better place and for every person’s wishes and dreams come true.

For more info on Zach and all of our Extraordinary Teens visit here. Tell us what makes you extraordinary by entering our contest for a chance to be featured on PBteen like Zach!

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