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PBteen Extraordinary Teen – Lulu Cerone

We hope everyone has been enjoying their summer relaxing and soaking up the sun! If you have a few minutes in your day, pick a cause close to your heart and throw a philanthroparty! What is a philanthroparty you might ask? They’re a great way to make social activism a part of your social life! Founded by our amazing 16 year old Extraordinary Teen, Lulu Cerone, of LemonAID Warriors, these parties will inspire you to take action and host events in your community along with the 4.2 million people who have already taken action with her!

Lulu founded LemonAID Warriors after learning that just $1 supplies a person in Africa with clean water for the year. Over the past five years, she and her army of youth volunteers have used PhilnathroParties to raise $80,000+ for various causes and provided clean water to almost 3,000 Africans! By sharing PhilanthroParty planning advice and creating action plans (which has been downloaded 165,000+ times!), Lulu has inspired countless others to take action and now is encouraging YOU! To get started, you’ll need to pick a cause, a date and choose from one of your many talents 🙂 Lulu has made it super easy to get involved. Just download her PhilanthroParty checklist here!

Don’t have the time to plan your own party? You can donate to her cause here. Your donations to LemonAID Warriors will go toward their new project, Hwange Primary School in Zimbabwe. They’ve also teamed up with youth activists from Project Tariro and fellow Extraordinary Teen, Riley of Rainbow Pack!


Fun Facts about Lulu

  • Person who inspires her most – Kathleen Hanna (musician & feminist activist)
  • Favorite room in her house – Her bedroom
  • Favorite candy – Gummy bears
  • Favorite childhood movie – The Lion King
  • Favorite day of the week – Sunday
  • Last concert she went to – The Replacements
  • Bedtime – Depends on how much homework she has!
  • How she would take care of the planet – Encourage everyone to eat less meat


If Lulu was granted three wishes she would ask for the following: peace for all, gender discrimination to come to an end and for all to have access to a safe education.

For more info on Lulu and all of our Extraordinary Teens visit here. Tell us what makes you extraordinary by entering our contest for a chance to be featured on PBteen like Lulu!

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