Before and After: An Incredible Summer Patio Transformation

Jonathan Stiers, a graphic designer and writer behind The Stiers Aesthetic, recently sent us an incredible before and after patio transformation.


Believe it or not, this was the before photo Jonathan sent us of the space!


How did you have the vision to know that this outdoor space could be transformed into something great?

I originally started with two lonely outdoor chairs. While quaint, they seemed dwarfed by the space – which was not conducive to entertaining more than one guest. I wanted something inviting – something that would command attention and make you want to spend time there. Since the breezeway opens directly from east to west, it benefits from exposure to beautiful sunlight in the morning and evening, but I knew outdoor curtains were a must to help diffuse the light and take some of the brunt of the summer heat, as well as completing my vision to transform the breezeway in to a private cabana.


Where exactly is this outdoor space located in your home?

The breezeway is directly behind my house, separating it from the garage.


How did you use Pottery Barn products in the transformation?

I knew I wanted a sectional and had been searching for the right one to bring a little elegance to an unused space. I also wanted something that could withstand the elements but not require a lot of extra care, beyond covering it up and putting it away. The black, all-weather Palmetto Sectional seemed perfect and had that crisp, clean, elegant look I wanted. I love the contrast of the ivory cushions against the black wicker in addition to the timeless black and white awning stripe pillows. The Outdoor Canvas Grommet Drape and Round Finial Drape Rods worked perfectly for the space. With the curtains drawn, the entire space is filled with a beautiful warm glow. The curtains are durable, yet light enough to catch a light breeze, bringing movement and life to the space. I am in love with my Indoor Flameless Pillar Candles so I knew the Outdoor Pillars were a must. With the timer feature, the space comes to life every evening, making it almost impossible to resist. The globe topiary and mercury vase add life, texture and nice pop of color, too.


What do your friends say about this space now?

They couldn’t believe the difference and love how inviting the space is now. One commented that it feels like you’re miles away in a spa vacation spot!

How do you like to use this space?

I love enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, and a glass of wine in the evenings, here. The gained additional seating has been great for outdoor entertaining. I couldn’t be more happy with the transformation. The ambiance lures people outside, bringing everyone together, just as I hoped it would.

Read more from Jonathan at his site The Stiers Aesthetic.

Most people wouldn’t even think of using that space for anything but a walk-through. Fantastic use of the space and it looks professionally done!

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