What to Pack in your Backpack for Fall: The Prepster


PrepsterWith back to school in full swing we’ve been organizing and setting goals like crazy. One essential every student needs — the perfectly packed backpack. Everything from the tote itself right down to the #2 pencils for your best note taking, here’s the essentials making homeroom a lot more fun…

The Bag — let’s start off with the most essential item of all; your back-to-school bag! Our Collegiate Totes are the perfect bag to sport whether you’re off to your first day in college or just daydreaming about your dream school! Once you’ve picked out your bag, here’s what we suggest stashing it with…

  1. Monogrammed Walletkeep it personal and chic with a monogrammed touch.
  2. Personalized Notebook & Washi Tape — make studying and note taking more fun with cute colors and personal touches like this pink notebook and washi tape. Little touches make all the difference!
  3. Monogrammed iPad Case — Great for downloading textbooks (and personal reading!) in style.
  4. Custom Water Bottle — Don’t forget to stay hydrated between classes!
  5. The Perfect Accessories Case — Stash the small things that would normally roll around the bottom of your bag (bobby pins, lip balm, gum, etc) and keep them neatly within arms reach in our Classic Leather Beauty Pouch.
  6. Motivational PencilsBe Smart, Be Stylish, Be Kind…we could all use gentle reminders as we go throughout the school day!
  7. Preppy Pink FolderDitch your standard folders for something colorful that matches your style. It’ll make your tote feel that much more organized.

 What essentials can’t you live without? Share with us in the comments below!

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