Meet Tipton: Our Very First Pottery Barn Pet Contest Winner!

Say hello to Tipton! This French bulldog is the winner of our first ever PB Pet Contest on Instagram, where we asked Pottery Barn fans to post photos of their pet with some of their favorite Pottery Barn product.

As soon as owner Brandi Surine put on her new Pottery Barn Christmas bedding (consisting of our Jingle Lumbar Pillow, Velvet Cheetah Pillows and Tahoe Plaid Duvet and Shams), Tipton jumped up to snuggle into his normal sleeping spot. “I’m a bit biased,” she says, “But he just looked so cute up there with all the Christmas colors, I couldn’t resist the photo opp! I tell myself he secretly loves to have his photo taken, but I have a feeling he begs to differ.”

This Dallas-based Frenchie is just three years old, and despite having natural model looks, is a little bit camera shy. “He’s definitely his own man,” says his Surine. “The majority of the time, when it comes to photos, there’s a treat offering that goes into affect. Tipton will do just about anything for a treat!” What can coerce him to take a cute photo? Surine puts Lucky Charms and pizza crust on the top of this pup’s list.


Surine even had a PB Velvet Stocking made for Tipton to hang next to her own. But did Tipton make the naughty or nice list his year? “Of course, he’s had his fair share of naughty,” says Surine. “But he definitely qualifies for the nice list! I can honestly say he makes every day a better day. He always brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.”

Curious about our runners up? Check out the 4 furry friends who made the cut, too.

muffin 1. We fell in love with sleepy little Muffin‘s sweet face, tucked under our Sleigh Bell Crewel Embroidered Pillow.


2. Lucy and Oliver like to take turns napping in our Rectangular Beachcomber Tray.
dax3. Dax the Doxie gets cozy in front of the fire in one of our favorite totes.

augie and begley4. It’s 5:00 at Augie and Begley‘s house! These two labradoodles posed for a pic behind the bar underneath our Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock.

Tell us about your PB Pet! We’d love to see and hear all about your furry friend.

More: Don’t forget to follow Pottery Barn on Instagram, and browse our #pbpetcontest hashtag to see the rest of the contestants.

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