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How to Transition a Nursery to a Toddler Room

They’ll always be your baby, but that teetering toddler running laps around the house and getting themselves out of the crib (too) early in the morning is growing fast and outgrowing the nursery even faster. Transition their rooms into spaces perfectly sized for them and their flourishing independence. How many times do we get told “No, I can do it!” at this age, after all? Outfit your home with these five must-haves to create a space for your child to grow, learn, and play.


low-profile Toddler Bed


When they’re too big for a crib, but a twin or full-sized bed is still too big and even looks intimidating from their height, a low-profile toddler bed is a perfect option and can be used with a crib mattress. The shorter height is easy for them to climb into and out of while railings ensure they sleep snuggly. Or, use a crib converter kit to take the design you fell in love with for the nursery from crib to toddler bed to twin bed to even a full-sized bed. We love a multi-purpose furniture piece!

Storage and shelves at arm’s reach


Help them learn good clean-up habits by using bookshelves their shorter arms can reach and large baskets where they can place toys before going to bed for the night.

Just-Right chairs and play tables


Your new walker probably can’t easily pull themselves onto a couch or reach the kitchen table for crafts, so give them some seating options sized just for them. Add an Anywhere Chair to their bedroom which can be easily toted around the house and into the living room for family time. Instead of placing them at an adult-sized table for craft and play time, use something like our Carolina Grow-With-You Craft Table to create a workspace they can use today and in the future.

fun Growth charts


Your little sprouts are shooting up fast! The cute  toddler outfits they fit in today will be long outgrown in just a few months. Help them track the milestones as they move into bona fide big kid status with a fun growth chart that can be kept in their room. Plus, it makes a sweet keepsake for parents years from now.

Personalized Decor


Your toddler has lots of opinions! Show them that you’re listening and are excited to nurture their developing personality by involving them in the decorating process. Whether it’s selecting their Anywhere Chair slipcover, a quilt color, or getting a decorative pillow monogrammed with their name, let your child choose the item they like. No matter how small their selection is, they’ll feel ownership for the item and it’ll give you the chance to stress how to treat special items with care so they last until they’re even bigger big kids.


How have you revamped the nursery to accommodate your growing kids? Share the transition with us in the comments or by tagging a picture of the space on Instagram with #lovemypbk.


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