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With summer break in full swing, we can’t help but daydream of all of the locations near and far we’d like to go visit. One city that has captured our hearts? Paris! This city holds the Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, is home to amazing macarons, baguettes and cheeses and is the fashion capitol of the world.  Do you swoon for Paris the way we do? Read on, we have a few simple tips to bring that effortless Parisian style to your summer…pariscollage

1. decorate! It’s no surprise that The Stylehouse team is a big fan of redecorating, one easy way to add a little Parisian flair to your life is with a few accessories like throw pillows and desk accessories. (The accessories pictured above are sneak peeks of our new collection, so stay tuned, these cute Parisian inspired pieces will be live on in just a few days!)

2. dress up! Blaire of Atlantic-Pacific fashion blog shows us how it’s done with her sweetly striped “bonjour” top.  We also j’adore these charming Eiffel Tower earrings from Etsy.

3. say “bon appetit” — One of our favorite breakfasts of all time is a chocolate croissant and a little hot cocoa, so when we’re in the mood to mentally travel to Paris; this is our snack of choice. Sometimes all it takes is the right cuisine to totally transport you 😉 (To try your own chocolate croissants we like this recipe!)

Have you added a little Parisian flair to you life? Show us by snapping a photo and tagging us on Instagram!

Oh la la! I can’t wait to see the new collection! Yes, I have added some Parisian Flair to my life with a black & white painting of the Eiffel Tower that I actually got when I went to Paris! Yes, I’ve been on the Eiffel Tower, & it was a dream come true!

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