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Each month we bring you our favorite in the latest batch of trends — and this month we are excited to report one trend we’d like to see a lot more of: positivity! Yep, from Pinterest boards to t-shirt lines and cutesy posters, it seems like everyone is hopping aboard the happy train. Here are a few ways to include an extra motivational quote or two into your day…

  1. This “success is not for the lazy” mug by The Everygirl has us motivated to get a little more studying done this week! (You can check out all their motivational goodies here!)
  2. Our tote bags are full of inspiration quotes – we’re especially feeling this message today, “Listen to your heart!”
  3. Our Emily & Meritt pillow gives us an extra dose of “fantastic!”
  4. This phone cover will remind you that you’re “tres tres belle” and these cute temporary tattoos leave a friendly reminder to “stop and smell the roses” both from one of our favorite stationary shops.
  5. The team over at Style Me Pretty reminded us how fabulous a few positive messages can be on our school gear. Keep the school day cheery with extra special supplies like these!
  6. Blogger Sincerely Jules created an entire line of t-shirts with quotes to inspire, love that!
  7. We love finding and sharing inspirational quotes like this one on social media! (You can check out more right here)
  8. Our friends the Junk Gypsies are huge fans of motivational quotes! We love these inspiring Dreamer Glitter Letters they created for us!

Looking for more? Head to our Pinterest where we have tons of fun happy messages to smile about 😉

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