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Written by Rachel Hollis of The Chic Site for Building Blocks.


Every year around this time, I start racking my brain: what’s something I could give my husband, Dave, for Father’s Day that he actually needs or wants? Over the last seven years of celebrating this special day as a family, we’ve given him ties, cufflinks, shirts for work and shirts for weekends. He’s received gift baskets, gift cards and even a collection of Beers of the World. (The Hefeweizen was my favorite.)

But the thing Dave loves most is the gift of an experience. For Christmas, we’ll give each other something we can enjoy together – like concert tickets or a vacation. So for this Father’s Day, I thought I’d try a similar idea – something we could all enjoy, even the baby. Our best idea? Family movie night!


We collected all of daddy’s favorite snacks and packaged them up in cute little bags. Next, we created a special “movie night package” using a paper bag from the grocery store because a) recycling is cool, b) it’s free, and c) Dave doesn’t care what the present comes in so long as there’s caramel corn inside!

Use the steps below to create your own special movie night bag for dad, including our free printables for the sign and personalized movie tickets. Have fun – and happy Father’s Day!

RachelHollis-MovieNightKitInstructions RachelHollis-MovieNightKit-FillBag RachelHollis-MovieNightKitCompleted

Download the personalized movie tickets here and the printable sign here.

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