New On Pinterest: No Carve Pumpkins!

It’s October, which means it’s time for pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, and pumpkin patch picking! You may have outgrown wearing a costume that mom made, but there is one thing you’re really never too old to enjoy – a little pumpkin decorating! We are feeling so inspired by all the adorable pumpkins we’ve seen around the web. We’ve even started a new Pumpkins Pinterest board (be sure to follow) and are now busy selecting all our faves before we start a little project of our own. Here are just a few of the pumpkins we’re most charmed by (and all without any of that messy carving!)…

The Polka Dot Pumpkin5c4dc93e3d50f7673abc2181852a66af

If you’re living in the dorms and don’t have the room to spread out for your pumpkin festivities, don’t fret… you can still totally create something adorable to celebrate the season. This push pin pumpkin from A Subtle Revelry blog is as easy as picking up a few chic office supplies!

The Donut Pumpkin93003b55019d2278ad709500cc37c6a5

Looking to get a touch more creative than your average spooky face? How about creating the most charming little donut pumpkins the way Stuido DIY did here? Donuts + Pumpkins = 2 of our very favorite things! (That gives us an idea…pumpkin spiced donut, anyone?!)


The Ombre PumpkinOmbre-Pumpkin-3

The crafters at Funkytime blog really outdid themselves with this bright and cheery fall pumpkin! Besides being done in an unexpectedly bright color palette (oh hey summer colors, we missed ya!) we love how simple this one is to do. Get the full tutorial here!

The Glittery Vine8af905fc0f2a37f91c540ddc18231daf

Why stop at just the pumpkin itself when you can make the vine just as cute as the rest?! We are in love with the glittery top of this pumpkin that Nest of Posies blog created.

Which is your favorite!? Tell us below, and be sure to check out our Pinterest page for lots more fall ideas! 🙂

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