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5 Tips For Styling a Bright and Neutral Nursery

HarperNurseryFullA gender-neutral color palette in a nursery is a way to ensure the room grows with your child and their developing personality while also creating a comfy place for you, the adult, to hang out in during those precious early years. Hey, you matter too! With this in mind, we asked Caitlin Flemming, an interior designer and the blogger behind the gorgeous site, Sacramento Street, to help us create a peaceful nursery perfect for girl or boy. We’re excited to share her tips for designing a color- and gender-neutral nursery that encourages an adventure-filled childhood!

1. Pick serene colorsNeutral Nursery Color Palette

Which colors will help you find a little moment of zen during late-night feedings and soothe baby back to sleep at nap time? While everyone reacts to colors differently, you’ll find more calming benefits from a muted shade over a Technicolor wonder.

For this nursery, Caitlin picked cool-toned neutrals to keep the room feeling bright and airy. The color on these walls is Sherwin-Williams® Emerald® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in Passive SW 7064.

2. View the nursery as an extension of your home decorPBK Campaign Dresser

If bubblegum pink and ornate furniture never made it past your front door before baby, don’t feel pressure to follow a “traditional” nursery look if it’s light years away from your personal style. When a classic campaign dresser has been on your wish list for ever, what better time to take it home than while decorating for your new family member?!

3. Make a statement without breaking the bankArrow Wall

We love that wallpaper is back in style, but truth be told, it can be an expensive design option. Make a playful statement wall by rolling up your sleeves and getting your DIY on. For this nursery’s accent wall, Caitlin dreamed up an arrow stencil inspired from a tapestry she saw on her travels through New Mexico. Not only does it add a personal story to the room, its cost is just a couple extra pints of paint and stencil film, as compared to rolls of wallpaper!

Check out Caitlin’s step-by-step DIY to recreate the arrow wall at home.

4. Create a whimsical play spaceNeutral Play Space

Nowhere in the rules of neutral decorating does it say “Must Not Include Flights of Fancy.” Let that whimsical side of childhood shine! Wanting to reflect the adventures and memories of her own childhood, Caitlin made a corner of the nursery a space where a child could retreat for story time or let their imaginations soar with friends under the Mini Dot Teepee.

5. Choose pieces you won’t mind seeing ALL over the houseReading Corner Nursery

If you’ve checked off step 2, the nursery reflects your own design sense, but don’t forget that once baby gets crawling, walking, and zooming down halls, what was once in the nursery will be out in the rest of the house. Opt for wooden toys, plush animal rockers, and classic books — you know, anything you won’t mind stepping on in the middle of the night!

How have you decorated your own gender neutral nursery? Share the looks with us on Instagram by tagging the photos #LoveMyPBK. Check out Caitlin’s DIY tutorial and her own experience styling this nursery on her site, Sacramento Street.

Seen in this nursery:

Classic Campaign Dresser | Mini Dot Teepee | Plush animal rockers

Declan Rocker | Gemma Campaign Crib | Harper Bedding

Glass & Metal Cage Pendant

Modern Mobile | Custom Sign

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