Happy 125th Anniversary, National Geographic!


From the grasslands of the Serengeti to the depths of the Pacific Ocean, National Geographic has taken us to the ends of the Earth on journeys full of exploration, adventure and wonder. Generations of children, including many of us here at PBK, grew up flipping through the glossy pages of the iconic magazine, and we are proud to partner with National Geographic to inspire future generations to care about our planet. In honor of their 125th anniversary, we’ll be highlighting some of National Geographic’s awe-inspiring images and fascinating stories throughout the summer.


One of the incredible trips we’re currently following is that of the North American monarch butterfly. Each spring, monarch butterflies migrate over 2,000 miles from their winter homes in central Mexico and southern California back to the forests of Canada, just like they’ve done for generations. Experts estimate that up to a billion monarchs make this trip annually. The twist? Scientists are still unsure how these delicate insects find their way—especially since each monarch only lives for a few months and never makes this migration more than once.

Want to inspire your little explorer? Download this National Geographic Kids Monarch Collector’s Card or discover other stories with NG Kids.


Stay tuned to updates in the Classroom for articles about our favorite animals, the environment and exciting feats of human discovery as we dare to explore with National Geographic.

National Geographic 125th Anniversary / Pottery Barn Kids blog   National Geographic 125th Anniversary / Pottery Barn Kids blog

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