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Were you able to tune-in to our LIVE stream DIY event hosted by the amazing Megan DeAngelis?! If you missed it, don’t worry you can watch the full video on our YouTube page where Meg shows us how to make a sequin bracelet! Or just click play below 🙂 Download the DIY instructions here to make the sequin bracelets on your own! Be sure to show us your final result by tagging #mypbteendiy and #maybaby4pbteen! Scroll a little further and find MayBaby’s answers to all of your amazing questions!

Q & A with MayBaby:

Q: What was your favorite video that you’ve made on youtube/ which video of yours are you most proud of?

Meg: I made a DIY locker video a couple years ago that I had so much fun filming and editing to music, so that’s probably my favorite one!


Q: What is your favorite things from your collection?

Meg: My favorite two things have got to be the “happy” sign and the smirk face emoji phone holder!


Q: Who is your favorite minion?

Meg: My own haha. He’s called Fred and I love him.


Q: Favorite thing that happened in 2015?

Meg: My Pottery Barn Teen launch and meetup! Anytime I got to meet my viewers, it was a magical day.


Q: What is your favorite experience from doing cheer?

Meg: I loved learning new tumbling skills. There’s no feeling like finally nailing a skill that you’ve been working on for so long. Even thinking about it right now makes me really miss cheer!


Q: How does it feel to say that you have your own room decor line?

Meg: It still doesn’t feel real! It’s a dream come true but it feels like I’m still dreaming if that makes sense!


Q: How long are you planning to do YouTube?

Meg: I take everything I do day by day so there’s no way to tell really! I’m so happy where I am right now though, I can’t imagine a Meg without a YouTube channel.


Q: What is your favorite pillow from your collection? 🙂

Meg: Aaah, that’s so hard! I’d have to go with the Flawless pillow though. It’s inspired by Beyonce and she is the queen.


Q: What is your favorite song?

Meg: At the moment, my favorite song is “Never Be Like You” by Flume! I can listen to it on repeat so many times and never get tired of it!


Q: What inspires you to get creative and how do you use that inspiration to show in your personal style?

Meg: I get inspired by music! Sometimes I hear something and I’m like whoa, I gotta make a video so I can use this song in it haha! I also get so much inspiration from my viewers. I follow a lot of them on Twitter and they have such funny and creative tweets / pictures.


Q: What is your favorite Snapchat filter?

Meg: I  love the rewind effect because It’s fun to hear how things sound backwards.


Q: Are you attending vidcon?

Meg: I think so! I’ve had so much fun at vidcon these past couple years that I can’t imagine not going but it depends on my schedule this summer.


Q: What’s your favorite sour candy ?

Meg: Warheads!


Q: Cats or dogs?

Meg: I’m allergic to both but less allergic to dogs….so they win this one!


Q: Do you have any YouTube tips for me?

Meg: Create content that you have fun making! No matter what, the most important thing is doing what you want to be doing.


Q: Do you love your fan pages?

Meg: I love them all so much. It is so exciting to meet one of my viewers and find out that they run one of the pages. It also makes me so happy that they are friends with eachother!  Our Maybaby squad is legit.


Q: Whats your favorite caramel apple topping?

Meg: ….air haha! I like them best with just the caramel…like a good dark, slightly overcooked caramel


Q: Favorite makeup product?

Meg: Stila babe liquid eyeliner!


Q: Do you binge watch any shows on Netflix?

Meg: I don’t, but I did go through a huge Homeland phase and am anxiously awaiting the next season


Q: Favorite harry potter character?

Meg: Luna Lovegood


Q: If you could be any Disney princess which one would u be ?

Meg: Jasmine!


Q: What is your favorite snack to eat on the go?

Meg: I’m addicted to fruit salad, so probably that or wheat thins!


Q: What is your inspiration for coming up with so many creative DIYs?

Meg: I go to Michaels and I stand in front of all of the craft aisles and think about how I could combine the different things in front of me!


Q: If you could create an emoji what would it be!?!

Meg: A caramel apple!


Q: Where do you want to travel?

Meg: I went to Scotland once for a week when I was 12 and never forgot about it. I loved it so much so I would definitely go back there if I could pick anywhere!


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