How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

makingthemostofasmallbedroomA tiny bedroom doesn’t have to be a bummer—in fact, it offers a unique opportunity to get creative with your style! Here are a few tips to design a space that looks (and feels!) like a master suite.

1. Store it. Since your bed takes up quite a bit of room, use the space behind it, around it and under it for storage. Clever shelving—like our Beadboard Super Set—plus labeled boxes can help keep you organized while maximizing your space.

2. Lift it. Fitting a study space into a smaller room can be a challenge. That’s where loft beds come in! Our Sleep + Study Loft creates space beneath your bed so you can design in a study space—or even a lounge. The additional cubbies and shelves offer plenty of storage, making it easier to stay tidy.

3. Hang it. Think of empty wall space as a blank canvas—and get creative with decor that doubles as function. Our Wire Word Shelf adds an inspiring message to your room, while also offering space to hold small keepsakes and decor.

4. Reflect it. One trick to making a small space appear larger? Hang a few mirrors! Because they reflect light, they’ll make your space look bigger. Try our Cork-Framed Mirror on your wall or on the back of your door—it doubles as a place to hang pics, notes and reminders.

5. Shelve it. Keep extra school supplies out of the way (and off the floor) by dedicating a space just to them. We love Wall to Wall Shelving, which doesn’t leave a footprint on the floor, but still creates the perfect opportunity to show off pretty items.

6. Brighten it. Give your space lots of light by hanging sheer drapes instead of heavy ones that can make a room feel dark. For added privacy, layer in some blackout drapes.

Do you have a small bedroom? How do you save space? Share your ideas with us below!

My bedroom is kind on the small side. I have a queen bed which takes up A TON of space. My room is an interesting shape with an alcove, in the alcove is a large window and a door on two sides. i have the PB teen rutched drapes since they are a sheer and dividing the alcove i have the twisted sheer on the cable system. YOU DO NOT NEED THE DELUXE CABLE SYSTEM IF YOU ARE USING IT AS A ROOM DIVIDER NOT ACROSS YOUR ENTIRE ROOM!!!!! In the alcove, I have the Hang Around chair and the Capiz floor lamp. The hang aroung chair is super comfy, but kinda noisy. For a small closet, the hanging closet organizer with shoe storage, (forget what its called) is super useful. Love the bedboard super tower bookcase thingy. I gotta get some bins for it. If you have a smallish room like me get a desk with a ton of storage. I do not like under bed stoage. I think it makes the room look cluttered and messy. I love throw blankets. They can make if you don’t have a lounge in your room the floor your lounge. i love the pbteen snow leopard throw. It goes great with the sherwin williams passive grey from the pbteen collction.

Thin, tall dressers/book shelves are a small room’s best friend. It leaves floor space while making the room appear a bit taller. My bedroom is a crazy shape and my right wall is almost all window so it helps make the space look bigger. Playing up curtain textures and colours can make or break your room depending on the combination. I have sheer and semi-sheer burgundy so it keeps the room dark at night but lets a good amount in during the day when I pull the burgundy ones back. Just have fun with the space while keeping it simple.

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