Mad for Plaid

Mad for Plaid with Scot Meacham Wood

‘Tis the season to keep things fun and festive with a mix of classic plaid, buffalo check, and tartan prints! The timeless design comes to life during the holidays, offering a healthy dose of holiday nostalgia from yesteryear. Believe it or not, plaid can also present fun, new options for those who typically stay away from the pattern this time of year.

Not sure where to begin? Never fear! We sat down with talented designer, stylist, and plaid-enthusiast Scot Meacham Wood to get his take on introducing the beloved design into nearly anyone’s home — be it during the holidays, or anytime throughout the year.

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Tip 01
“I use tartans and plaids in many of my projects, as the scale and patterns are the perfect compliment to the florals and botanicals that I love to use. Tartan also provide vast options in color palette, so they fit nicely into most every home.”

Mad for Plaid

Tip 02
“I’ve always considered plaids and tartans to be timeless because of their amazing historical value. They can spin masculine based on their military history, or feel romantic and feminine from their lengthy literary uses. I love seeing them in historic residences, but even more, I love using classic tartan in some of my more contemporary work! That contrast can truly be amazing.”

Mad for Plaid

Tip 03
“My passion for tartans is based on my family history, as we come from the northeast coast of Scotland. It’s been a real visceral passion of mine for years, not only celebrating our family history, but seeing tartans become an integral part of modern design.”

Mad for Plaid

Tip 04
“I love when I can use tartans for entertaining, so anytime I can set my table with tartan dishes — like the Denver Plaid Rim Dinner Plate or Plaid Salad Plates — I’m a happy host.”

Mad for Plaid

For some additional tips, check out our quick video on 5 Ways to Add Plaid to Your Holiday:

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Celebrating the Senses of the Season
Tapping-in to the senses this time of year can be an absolute delight. Scot Meacham Wood shares his tips for creating a warm, inviting space this season, whether you’re expecting a house full of people, or you’re looking to escape the holiday craze.

Smell: “There is little more provocative than the sense of smell. Bring your home to life with fresh wreaths and garlands, and don’t forget those fresh flowers.”

Sight: “Take your blinders off. Don’t be limited by your ‘this-is-what-we-do-every-year’ ideas about holiday décor. Try something new. Maybe the tree goes in the dining room. Maybe this year it’s all about just lights and no ornaments. Each year is a chance to experiment with something new. I love adding new ornaments each year too — it helps to keep things fresh.”

Touch: “I always set aside a few decorative pillows or maybe even a wonderful faux fur throw that I use during the holidays. Having small hints of luxury in your home will provide you with a retreat from the holiday frenzy.”

Taste: “We all remember those iconic tastes from our childhood. Whether you’re hosting your own family or new friends, offer them a glimpse of your own upbringing with flawless family recipes.”

Hear: “Nothing stirs the soul like music, and the Christmas season offers endless opportunities for music, so take advantage as often as you can!”

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Scot's Secret Trick: More!

1. Add more magic! When in doubt, turn off the lamps and light more candles! Everyone and everything looks better by candlelight, and it will make any evening at home more magical.

2. More is more. For me, I always lean toward adding one more garland, or one more pillow to the sofa. Set an extraordinary table. The Christmas season is a great time to be extravagant.

3. Invite more. Everything from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve is the perfect reason to celebrate with friends. Be bold! Host the dinner. Have the cocktail party. Be the reason that your friends and family get together.

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