Q&A with Lizzie Post: Making Travel Arrangements and Plans for Wedding Guests

No matter where you’re hosting your wedding, there will inevitably be some guests that have to travel. The more people that travel, the more complicated arrangements will become. Although it’s easy to get caught up in all the details of your big day, it’s important to help out the people who want to be there to support you, too.

“People forget that when you’re having the wedding, you’re the host,” says etiquette maven Lizzie Post. “And being a host is all about making your guests comfortable in your presence.”

Take a look at Lizzie’s tips for dealing with traveling guests, below!


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Make It Clear

  • When providing information and resources to your wedding guests, you’ll want to really think about your audience. Are most of your guests technologically savvy? Then it might make sense to put most of the information on your website, and just give Grandma and Grandpa a call to fill them in on the details.
  • Note: Above all, keep this separate from your invitation. “None of your planning information should end up in your invitation, or even as a separate thing in your invitation. It should be a separate package that arrives later, or is simply put on your website,” Lizzie says.

Where to Stay

  • “If it’s not a destination wedding, it’s really important to provide a wide range of hotels and lodging,” says Lizzie. “When possible, when appropriate, find a place for your guests so they don’t have to worry about the costs of hotels. You want them there, so make it easy for them to get there.”
  • Never recommend something that you wouldn’t stay in — no matter how good the deal is.
  • If you’re hosting your wedding during a particularly busy season, make sure your guests know they should book a room well in advance.
  • If many guests are traveling, and there are accommodations available, you may want to reserve a block of hotels. “Obviously you’ll want to let people know where you’ve reserved the block,” says Lizzie. “Make sure to include that on your website or wherever else you’re providing information.”

Going to the Chapel …

  • Is your ceremony or reception location difficult to get to? You may want to provide transportation for guests who will be drinking. “Always choose safety over budget,” says Lizzie. “It makes it a lot easier as a guest, to enjoy yourself. And the host won’t have to worry about people either.”

Extracurricular Activities

  • “Technically you’re really just obligated to host a ceremony and a reception for guests,” says Lizzie. “But more and more, people are hosting extra events to give out-of-towners something to do. The next day brunch is an option, a welcome cocktail hour, etc. But for a lot of couples, it really just makes sense to keep it simple.”
  • Whether or not you’re hosting additional events, provide activity suggestions for guests on your website or information packet. “This is especially important when children are involved,” says Lizzie. “It’s a good idea to suggest things to people and provide places to go and look forward to.”


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