Lily Ashwell Q & A: Behind The Design

Inspired by her laid-back Venice Beach lifestyle, our latest collection with designer Lily Ashwell balances nostalgic charm with an LA cool and easy-going aesthetic. Something that you may not know is that throughout the collection are so many personal touches and influences straight from Lily’s life. We caught up with the designer herself to get a little more insight into her inspiration behind the designs!

What trends/aesthetics inspired you while you were designing PBteen’s new collections?

“I turned to vintage inspiration pieces for prints, washes + details. I love vintage clothing and have been collecting pieces since I was a teen. The indigo + cool blue textiles in my collection are inspired by one of my favorite finds – a pair of overalls from the early 1900’s. I also like to play with mixing tomboy + feminine accents, so I balanced the relaxed, California-cool vibes with sweet dustbowl-era feels.”

 What is one of your favorite pieces in the collection?

“All of the pieces are unique and special, but I really love the wall décor. Each piece features art transposed directly from my personal sketchbook.”

What is your favorite decorating tip? 

“I think it’s important to connect with every piece you bring into your space by asking questions like, “what purpose does this serve?”, everything should either be functional or bring you joy. Yes, decorating is a fun way to express your creativity, but your space is also a reflection of your inner life + should be a peaceful sanctuary.”

What do you love best about being a designer?

“I love exploring my creativity through my sketchbooks and pushing myself to distill my ideas through the design process. Us creative people have so many feelings + inspirations + creating is how I learn about myself + make sense of who I am. It’s not always about the finished product but, when I love the end result, it’s a beautiful moment to step back and see my best self reflected back at me.”

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring teen designer, what would it be? 

“Allow yourself the space to explore + create + see what happens. Steer clear of trends + create a vision all your own. As a creative person, your biggest gift is to share your own unique lens through which you see the world!”

We love that you guys have been loving this collection so much! One of our favorite parts of each collaboration is working with designers who love what they do and design with purpose. Click here to explore our Lily Ashwell Collection and show us how you are styling your PBteen x Lily Ashwell designs by tagging us with #mypbteen!



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