Laundry Room Organization with The NEAT Method

Laundry is one of life’s necessary evils. But with the right space, it can feel like less of a chore. That’s why we recruited the talented gals behind The NEAT Method — using our Gabrielle Organization System and some of our other favorite accessories, this dream design duo added serious style and smart organization ideas to create one super gorgeous (who would’ve thought?) yet practical laundry room.

Read on to see the rest of the space and learn The NEAT Method’s top professional laundry room organization tips.

Photography by Michelle Drewes

TIP: Save the lower shelves for the products you are reaching for most often.

TIP: Create neatly labeled bins to separate your cleaning supplies from your garment care.


TIP: Purchase products to use that make you want to be in the space — laundry is a task, so it’s best to incorporate things that make it fun.

TIP: Keep the countertops clear so you have plenty of room to fold.


TIP: Make sure you have a conveniently located waste bin for lint and/or dryer sheets.

TIP: Commit a tray or jar for the items you find left in pockets.

TIP: Sorting saves time — incorporate hampers that allow you to separate colors from whites before laundry time.


TIP: Invest in pretty baskets that are functional and also aesthetically pleasing.

TIP: Incorporate a framed family photo, piece of artwork or fresh flowers that’ll make spending your time folding a little less of a chore.


TIP: Store powdered laundry detergent in clear glass jars and liquid detergent in a glass beverage dispenser!


TIP: A rug can make a typically cold laundry room feel warm and inviting.

TIP: Use the door to the room as a place to keep laundry room necessities.

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Hi Lynne! There should be a pin it button on every photo. Unfortunately wordpress will not allow you to pin an entire post. However, you can certainly print it out and save it!

I think it is a really bad idea to put cleaning powders and liquids into containers that are meant for and known to hold edible things…..really bad idea…and not just if there are kids around. and frankly, why not keep things plain and simple instead of creating new jobs to have to do and new areas to clean and unclutter….yikes, I’ve got enough todo….and laundry is not at all bad if you can do it somewhere quickly and slide a door across while you are coding it. And no one will be tempted to have a drink from my glass DRINK dispenser.

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