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Last Second Halloween Costumes

Procrastinating isn’t just for homework. Nope, some of us even procrastinate the fun stuff, like pulling together a Halloween costume! Whoops! But, not to fret, we’ve rounded up a few easy ideas using items we bet you already have in your closet…

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1. Striped tee + black beanie + face mask = cat burglar

2. Black midi skirt + white button down + umbrella = one supercalifragilistic nanny

3. Suspenders + tape + glasses = nerd

4. Bandana + eyeliner + chambray tee = Rosie The Riveter

5. Striped tee + barret + flats + mustache = chic frenchman

6. Plaid top + cowboy hat + boots = cowboy or cowgirl

Have you had your costume planned for weeks, or are you throwing together your ensemble last minute? Be sure to share your costume ideas with us in the comments below!

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