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LAST CHANCE to become a PBdorm Ambassador!

dorm app blueALERT! There’s only one week left to apply to become one of our PBdorm Ambassadors. Here’s what’s up: we’re looking for amazing students to write for our blog, test out our products, and share their love for PBteen and PBdorm! Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • You’ll receive the latest PBdorm items (for free!) to deck out your dorm room.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your writing, design and social media skills.
  • Your resume will get a boost!

Interested? Apply NOW – before next week’s deadline! 

I have a huge passion for design and interior decoration. I absolutely love PBteen and go through the website all the time! I would love to be an ambassador for such a wonderful brand!

I am a boarding school student so I cant really comment on senioritis, yet. I do know that I am really interested in designing a dorm room which is fun and stylish. My roommate and I have big plans for our room this year!! Please consider me because I have a dorm room even though I am not in college.

I am so excited about this opportunity! I sent in my application via email a few days ago and haven’t recieved a confirmation email. Is there a way for me to know that you recieved it? Thanks!

Understanding Victoria Truman
The world we live in can seem very controlled. We are given specific directions: Work a part time job, go to college, and get a degree, a career. But I believe in escape from this money making pattern. When you close your eyes and picture an escape what do you see? Maybe a beach house in Malibu? Possibly a city with buildings as high as the clouds? Who says an escape has to be a place one must travel to? What if an escape can be the door that opens up to your room. An escape, rather than vacation could be the smell of fresh linen, white fluffy pillows, and a small nook to read in. An escape is what leads me to Pb dorm. I am a high school graduate going to community college. I thought to myself there is no way I will be able to get through college typing papers at my kitchen table. I need my own space to break away to. This is what inspired my room make-over. I have a lime green and pink room remaining from my awkward stages in life. I am transforming my room into a sophisticated work space. The idea: charcoal grey walls, white trimmings, and white furniture with light purple accent pieces. Oh and a futon to create more of a lounging area near my desk. It’s a recipe for relaxation. I am also selling some furniture and repainting the rest. If an 18 year old girl can take charge of a room renovation during summer so can anyone. I would enjoy being a Pb dorm ambassador because I appreciate inspiration. I understand the feeling when one comes across an amazing pattern and suddenly feels unstoppable because your mind can think of a million things to create with it. I consider myself creatively structured and I want to help the Pb teen blog go from amazing to must see.

As a junior in high school when I heard the seniors talking about senioritis I thought it was just another annoying way the seniors could brag about being on top. But actually being a senior I came into realization that senioritis is a real disease. I came up with a few tips to help cure students like you during senior year.

1. Start off strong. It’s understandable that your sososo excited for your last year of high school, but you know what sucks? Exams and praying to God you graduate on time. so keep the right mind set and do your work like your supposed to (it’s not like you get a lot) so when exams come around everything you need to know is in the back of your head; Rather than in those books you can’t bare to look at anymore.

2. Motivation. You’re the only one out of your group of friends doing your homework. Great! Reward yourself with a drool worthy lunch.
3. Family. Now we all know you would consider not walking across the stage for your diploma if it wasn’t for your grandparents. So beat your cousins to bragging rights and graduate with a 3.5 or higher. Then tell grandma I worked so hard on my grades just for you. See who the favorite is now.

In high school I competed in a business club called DECA, Previously known as Delta Epsilon Chi and Distributive Education Club of America. DECA is an international association of high school and college kids perusing a career in the following fields: marketing, management, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, and international business. Each year there is a conference for all the high schools in the state. One must come up with an on the spot idea about a category given, write an essay and present it to the judge. It can be done in a group of two or individually. I participated with a partner and had to come up with a method to get more grocery store customers to purchase reusable bags. Though I did not win, the competition was a great real-life experience and a pleasure meeting such intellectual people. I wish to continue my DECA experience in college.
Since we are on the topic of experiences lets talk about my job. I am a Kroger Employee of forty hours a week at the largest Kroger in Michigan. I work as a cashier and spend most of my time in the department of drug and general merchandise. In this department I order products, stock them to the shelf and assemble displays that are appealing to buyers. I am also the youngest member of their cultural council club. Every three weeks the 12 of us meet and brain storm ways to satisfy our customers. For example many customers complain because our milk is at the back of the store. We have a milk cooler at the front of the store but no one notices it’s there. I came up with the idea of having milk and cookie samples in front of the cooler and now it constantly must be restocked. I am the kind of who loves sharing ideas and making a difference.

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