1010_Tulipina129 - Version 2

How-To: Create a Dramatic, Tall Floral Arrangement

We love Kiana Underwood’s floral arrangements, and her latest bouquet proves that sometimes bigger is better.

1010_Tulipina122 - Version 2


Kiana writes, “Often people feel that large arrangements are complicated to put together, and should only be left to professionals. This is simply not true, and large arrangements are not any more complicated (and sometimes quite a bit easier) than their smaller counterparts. I hope that after looking at the pictures below, you will give it a try.”

1010_Tulipina133 - Version 2


For the full tutorial, head over to The Naked Bouquet for more instructions and information on the flowers and techniques Kiana uses for hte arrangement. Love the vase, You can pick up the Tuscan Urn at Pottery Barn.


All Photos Courtesy Angie Cao

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