Knobs, Pulls and Handles: Jewelry For Your Furniture

The right piece of jewelry can do wonders to the most basic outfit. A big bold necklace instantly turns a pair of jeans and a white tee into a stylish ensemble. Hardware — drawer pulls, knobs and handles — does the same thing for your furniture. Whether you want to dress up old cabinets or complement new ones, the right piece of hardware can make all the difference. Read on for our top 5 tips to help you choose just the right piece.


1.    Size. If you’re replacing hardware, make sure that your new fixtures are about the same size as your old ones and require the same installment method. You don’t want to have to drill new holes or figure out how to cover up old ones. Measure your new knobs or pulls carefully, too. If you have cabinets that open from the center, you want to make sure your new hardware won’t prevent your cabinets from closing all the way.

drawer pulls 1

2.    Finishes. Select hardware that coordinates with what’s already on your existing cabinetry and/or furniture. Choosing nickel bar pulls when your cabinets have brass hinges or your lighting fixtures are all copper could clash.

drawer knobs 4

3.    Number. Double and triple count the amount of knobs or pulls that you’ll need and take that into account when budgeting for your project. Don’t skimp on quality though — this is the part of your furniture that you’ll be touching and using the most. Make sure it lasts!

pottery barn drawer pulls2

4.    Style. Take the style of your home and the piece of furniture into consideration when choosing hardware. Do you like things to feel contemporary and sleek? You might want simple, modern bar pulls. Or does your home have more of a cottage feel? Quirky knobs are probably your best bet.

drawer knobs 3

5.    Forget the rules! All of the points above are great tips, but there are no fast and hard rules for choosing hardware. Hardware doesn’t have to be subtle. Go big and bold or mix and match. Use this as an opportunity to dress up an existing piece of furniture that you’re not thrilled about.

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Why doesn’t your web catalog explicitly indicate the center-to-center measurements of your pulls, as well as their total length/horizontal width? There is only one such measurement listed on your website and the nature of such measurement is not clearly identified. Both measurements (center-to-center and total length) are extremely helpful to potential customers, especially those customers looking to replace hardware on cabinets or furniture that have existing drill holes.

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