New Year, Clean Rooms

The holidays have come and gone – and perhaps left an overflow of new things in their wake! Smart storage solutions are the first step toward keeping your little one’s bedroom and play spaces clutter-free and ready for action. Additionally, with a few easy tips in mind, storage can become part of an organizational routine that encourages kids to be responsible for their space.


Here are a few of our favorite ideas to keep toys, craft supplies, and various odds and ends neatly tucked away.


Accessibility is key. Make sure storage space is within arm’s reach of your child so it’s easy for them to take out (and put away!) the things they want. Set up shelving and storage buckets at ground level where favorite items can be kept. Even if you have a crawling baby in your home, the eye-level interest will encourage curiosity.


Vary the space with open- and closed-storage solutions. Keeping a room both tidy and stylish can be tough, but a mix of open shelves or cubbies and closed cabinets or drawers is the perfect solution. Open storage accommodates baskets and bins filled with items that are worthy of display, while closed storage works well for less visually appealing things – like remote controls and other electronics.


Size and portability are important for little hands. Keep in mind that many of the items you store will likely go elsewhere when your kids want to play with them – an activity table, for instance, or a different part of the room. Find a proportionately sized bin or portable bucket so little ones can transport and put away their favorite items with ease.


Group stored items into different zones. To keep playtime messes contained, divide your storage space into different “zones.” Whether for craft supplies, toys, books or other knickknacks, designated areas will help minimize clutter and maintain order within the space.


Don’t forget about design. As important as storage solutions are, remember to make them work with the room’s overall style or theme. Vary the colors, shapes and textures of each storage piece to create beautiful, eye-catching displays that are both stylish and functional.

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Where do you find and buy the blue looking locker, any other colors available? When you post these things you should post where you can buy them,including the storage cabinets to,that would be nice and helpful

Hi Melanie,

This is an older post from 2014 and unfortunately we no longer carry these lockers. There are a few other similar items at Pottery Barn and PBteen (linked below). Please feel free to reach out to us at support@potterybarnkids.com for more assistance.


The Pottery Barn Kids Team

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