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A Sweet, Beat-The-Heat Treat

Nothing beats the heat like a cool treat, and one of our all-time favorites is the ice cream sandwich! Whether you’re dreaming of the classic or looking for new variations for your little ones to try, we picked three kid-friendly versions that we like the best.

1. Feeling nostalgic? With classic soft cookies and neopolitan ice cream, this homemade version from Virtually Homemade is a blast from the past. We love that this recipe is a true adaptation of the original and requires only a few basic ingredients!


2. How charming! You’ll be racing your little ones for seconds with these creative Lucky Charms Ice Cream Sandwiches from The Kitchn. This recipe is a fun twist that combines Rice Krispies® treats with ice cream sandwiches, making for the most magical of the bunch.


3. There’s always room for s’more! Gather ’round the campfire with the perfect ice cream sandwich fit for the great outdoors. These S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches from Eat.Sleep.Make are simple to prepare ahead of time, and they’re easy for kids to make on-site.


Do you have a special twist on the ice cream sandwich or a sweet memory of this childhood favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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