Katie Daisy- Swim in the Sea
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Katie Daisy for PBteen

We caught up with PBteen collaborator and artist Katie Daisy. What we love about Katie is that she believes “art is magic.” Born and raised among the birds and a warm breeze, she insists that nature is essential to her wellbeing and art. Currently Katie lives in Oregon with her baby boy and fiancé where she enjoys the outdoors and paints under the pines until sunset. We asked her a few questions on where she draws her inspiration, check them out below!

KatieDaisy1) What is your favorite piece of work that you have created?

I recently created this piece featuring a Hafez quote that really speaks to my heart. I’m starting to add a bit more realism to my art and I’m really excited about it!

2) What are you doing when you’re not creating? What (other) hobbies do you have?

I love being in nature with my fiancee, Eli, and baby, Finn. I also enjoy browsing antique shops, getting coffee with friends, and hosting dinner parties at our cabin in the woods.

Katie Daisy- Swim in the Sea

3) What, in your opinion, is the hardest step in creating a masterpiece?

Knowing when to stop! Sometimes I can get so carried away with the little details that it’s hard to pull myself away.

4) Can you remember one of the first things you drew/sculpted/painted/photographed etc.? What makes it memorable? 

A looong time ago I used Crayola markers to make typographic signs for my friends’ lockers. I remember having a page-long list of “orders” to fill. I guess you could say I still have the same job! Except now I have different clients, use different materials, and also get paid for my work 🙂

5) What is your favorite paint to work with?

I like to combine acrylic craft paint and concentrated liquid watercolors.

Katie Daisy- I heart the sea9) What are 3 fun facts people probably don’t know about you

  1. I prefer trains to planes.
  2. My brother is a tattoo artist.
  3. I’ve lived in 7 states since graduating college.

10) What is your favorite quote?

“I must have flowers, always, always.” – Claude Monet

Katie Daisy- Ocean Breeze beach towel11) What do you love about summer?

Road trips, stumbling upon a field of flowers, a breeze through open windows, a delicious thunderstorm, the chirping of crickets, & skinny dipping in a creek.Katie Daisy- Sunshine Dream Beach Towel

12) Where is your favorite place to travel?

Big Sur, California.

Katie Daisy- Sunshine and Saltwater10) What is your favorite…

            Color: Mustard

            Animal: Kitten

            Season: Spring

            Movie: You’ve Got Mail

            Book: The Prairie Girl’s Guide to Life

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