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Jet Set: 4 Essential Tips for Packing for Spring Break

jet setNo schoolwork, no tests, no commitments—spring break is all about relaxing! Whether you’re planning a tropical vacay or just a quick weekend escape, one last chore remains: packing. Here are four tips for packing smart so you can say goodbye, stress—and hello, vacation!

planinadvanceSet out everything you plan to pack a day or two in advance. Then, as you’re packing, make last-minute changes depending on how much room you have. Try packing in our Rolling Duffle—it’s efficient, stylish and easy to travel with. startwithessentials

It’s easy to overlook daily must-haves, like your phone charger or earbuds. Make a list of essentials and pack them first—you’ll thank yourself later.

choosesmartstylesTo save space and time, pack clothes that can be worked into a variety of different outfits—like a denim jacket, basic skinnies and a few comfortable flats. Blogger Lindsay of Lindsay Living knows how to mix and match like a pro by sticking to a consistent color scheme. Smart, right?

compartmentalizeDon’t risk shampoo-soaked shirts and makeup-smudged sweaters. Instead, pack all your beauty and toiletry items into a separate bag, like our cute Quilted Sleepover Toiletry Bag.

How do you pack for spring break? Any tips or tricks you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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