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In the Spotlight: Q&A with Mindy Weiss

Beverly Hills based event planner, Mindy Weiss is known for her creative ideas, unforgettable decor and flawless A-list events. It is her ever-evolving style and personalized experience that she provides her clients that make her so noteworthy. Read on for her advice for picture perfect events, where she seeks inspiration and why she’s in our spotlight this month.

In the Spotlight: Mindy Weiss

Q. What do you enjoy most about wedding planning? 

A. I love that each event is different almost like a new canvas that I get to paint each week.

Q. How would you describe your style? 

A. Timeless, while bringing in each client’s own style. All of my events have different styles because each couple is unique. But I think all the events we work on have classic elements that our clients will look back on and still love 20 years later.

Q. Which wedding trends are you most excited about in 2014?

A. I’m most excited about bringing the outside in and the inside out! I love gardens inside and a living room outside.

Q.  Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration? 

A. Inspiration for me is a daily discovery! I follow fashion trends, I walk the design center to see shapes and styles, and I read dozens of decor magazines – they are like precious pieces of art! But my favorite treat is going to the flea market every Sunday to walk and imagine the stories behind each vintage item.

Q.  Best wedding you’ve ever been to? 

A. The best wedding I’ve ever been to was my son’s. He was kind of worried I would go overboard, but at the end of the evening he said, “Mom, this is the greatest night of my life.” I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Q. What or who inspires you right now? 

A. Maya Angelou with her words, Kelly Wearstler with her designs, and Michelle Obama with her style –  love that she re-wears and takes risks!

Top 5 party tips: 

1. Consider the guests you invited when planning your dinner menu – design a menu that will be pleasing to all involved.

2. Planning a great party includes arranging for good conversation. Think about place cards at your tables. Having the right people sitting next to each other can really help the comfort level, especially if you invited guests who do not know each other. And guests knowing they have a seat eliminates a lot of stress.

3. If you are not providing tables for everyone to sit at, then make sure you do have lounge areas or alternative seating for your guests. Depending on your menu, most guests do not like to eat standing up.

4. If hosting a party at your home, don’t forget to place flowers or a fragrant candle in the bathroom, as well as hand towels. Your guests will notice the details!

5. If you are entertaining outdoors and there is a possibility that it may be cold, you must have heaters. And always have a rain plan!In the Spotlight: Q&A with Mindy Weiss

 Top 5 wedding planning tips: 

1. Start with the budget – know from the beginning how much you want to spend and what your “must have” items are.

2. Take it slow – the whole wedding doesn’t have to be planned the first week of your engagement.

3.  Invest in quality photography and video – they’re always the most cherished pieces you’ll have after the wedding is over.

4.  Involve the groom in the planning process. Most grooms I work with love to help with the DJ selection and the food tastings!

5.  Keep your sense of humor.

 Q. What has been one of your most memorable moments when working with a client? 

A. It really means so much to me that my clients call me after their honeymoon. I’ve made some very dear friends from my event planning.

Q. How did you get into wedding planning? 

A. I owned a stationery business, and in 1992, one of my clients convinced me to plan his birthday party. From that moment on, I was hooked!

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 Q. Tips for picking the right venue? 

A. A bride and groom may love a venue but it must have the following:

1.  Size – enough room for the guests and all other elements (dance floor, tables, music etc) that make up the reception

2. Cost – does the food and beverage cost fit into the budget?

3. Be aware of time and noise restrictions

4. What does the venue include? Can you bring in your own vendors?

5. And most of all, be excited about the venue.

This month I can’t wait to… Have a backyard barbecue!!!

Currently coveting… a vacation

My go-to color for painting a dining room is… navy blue

Favorite vacation spot… Cabo San Lucas

Most prized possession… My children

My best entertaining tip… Don’t look like you’ve been working all day on the day of the event. Present yourself fresh, put together and wear a big smile.

My go-to cocktail to serve at a party is… Classic Martini

Headshot: Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography

Photography: Elizabeth Messina Photography

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