How to Organize Your Pool Toys

Summer is just around the corner! For those lucky enough to have a pool, the hot days and heat waves demand long afternoons in the water, floating on rafts, breaking up pool noodle fights and drying off in the sun. But just like indoor play spaces, your pool can become a mess pretty quickly if the correct organizational tools aren’t in place. Avoid the sun and water damaged pool toys of last year with our top organizing tips.


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Use small containers to keep like items together. Instead of jumbling everything together in one giant plastic tub, separate things out into smaller containers and organize like by like. It’s the same concept you use indoors — silverware goes together, measuring cups go together, etc. — and will help avoid a scramble when you can’t find the sunscreen.


Seek out sun protection. At the end of a long day by the pool, it’s easy to just run indoors when the mosquitos come out and leave everything outside until tomorrow. But sun can do some serious damage to pool toys, tools and accessories over the course of the summer. Instead of buying all new pool toys every year, set up an organizing system that will keep everything in the shade and out of the way. This locker system by the back door encourages everyone to drop their toys and towels here before heading in the house.


Keep things dry. Water can do just as much damage (if not more) as sun to your pool toys, tools and accessories. Take everything out of the pool and puddles on the patio at the end of the day, and put them in a bin or on a rack that allows them to dry thoroughly.


Clear the decks. Keeping things organized isn’t just about making sure your possessions are safe — it’s about making sure you and your loved ones are safe, too. Slippery pool decks and patios can be dangerous on their own, let alone when littered with noodles and wet towels. The right organizing tools will encourage your family to put things away at the end of the day, and stay safe.

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