How to Decorate in Black & White

The classic color combination of black & white dresses any room in bold and sophisticated style! Below we are sharing four awesome tips on how to decorate with black & white.

Tip one: Make a statement!


Styling your walls with black and white frames lets your artwork take center stage! Frame colorful and monochromatic photos and prints in large, small and medium frames to create dimension and drama.

Tip two: Mix textures!


All-white bedding is anything but a blank canvas. By blending lots of textures, you can create an ultracomfortable sleepscape that’s full of designer interest.

Tip three: Storage, storage, storage!


Make organization fun (seriously!) with bold pieces that have plenty of compartments. Keepsakes, photos and school supplies look sleek in black and white design.

Tip four: Don’t forget about the floor!


Treat your feet to a plush rug that’s whimsical and chic. It’s glam that doesn’t take itself too seriously – and we love that!

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