How to Create A Yoga Oasis at Home

Since school is starting back up, your schedule will be getting busy soon with homework and after-school activities. That’s why it’s even more important to make time for yourself to unwind and create a healthy balance in your daily routine. We called up yoga expert Jaysea Devoe from San Diego (near our new PBteen Pop-Up Store!) who is one of the youngest yoga instructors in the U.S. (at age 14) to see how she creates her yoga oasis at home. Take it away Jaysea!


When school is over I find that if I don’t take a moment to separate myself from a busy day, my mind will continue to race and I am less productive when it comes time to do my homework. So each day after school I go to my room, close the door and create a place to stretch and practice my favorite yoga poses. When I started doing yoga in my room, I began to notice that colors, textures and other elements affected my mood. So I began to add designs that reflected a calming and inspiring sensation throughout my space.


First, I decorated my bed with calming colors using light hues and soft textures. Since my bed is the largest piece of furniture in my room, this look (created with organic cotton!) made it less overwhelming. I also added some fluffy pillows with one of my favorite sayings on it “Carpe Diem”.

I filled glass terrariums with my favorite seashells and plants from the beach to bring in natural design. It also helps clean the air and provide more oxygen inside the room.

My windows are always open because I love natural lighting but if I do yoga at night, I use a table lamp for soft lighting to set the perfect mood. Elephants symbolize strength and power so I was excited when I saw this lighting design by PBteen!


Then, I covered my walls with art and photos that inspire me. I love this Gold Mandala Tapestry because mandalas are known to create positive energies to the environment and to the people who view them.

When I’m done with my routine, I store my yoga gear in bins that are easy tuck away so I have plenty of space for studying and lounging later.


I am so excited to join PBteen THIS SATURDAY to teach yoga classes at their brand new Pop-Up Store in San Diego! I’d love to see you there. Click here to RSVP and find out more about the fun activities that are lined up!

To find out more about Jaysea Devoe, click here.

Photography by Monument PhotographyScott Lorenzen.

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