How to Choose a Kitchen Table: Interview with Susan Serra

Today, the kitchen isn’t just about cooking — it’s where we spend the majority of our time at home. We work, eat, play games and even watch TV in our kitchens. And today’s kitchen designs reflect this lifestyle — particularly when it comes to the kitchen table. “There’s been a strong trend toward open plan living, which means that ‘real’ living room furniture, accessories, lighting and artwork are moving into the kitchen,” says Susan Serra, CKD, President of Susan Serra Associates, Inc. Bringing furniture into your kitchen allows the space to flow seamlessly with the rest of your house.


But how do you choose the right kitchen table? Do you need one if you already have an island? Read on for Serra’s professional tips to help you find the kitchen table that’s just right for your home.

Table or Island?

Even if you have a small kitchen, you can often put both an island and a table in the room if your layout allows. “Consider putting a table up against the back of an island, whether it’s a small table for two or a large table for eight,” says Serra. “It’s a custom look that saves space, looks great and functions well.”


Impossible to fit both in your space? Think about which option will be more flexible in the long run. “Which one will allow you to do more with the space, other than dining? I.e., projects, prep, etc.,” says Serra.



What will your table or island’s purpose be?  Will you be entertaining? Working? Prepping for dinner? Also, consider how many people you want to sit comfortably at the table. If you have a dining room, you can probably afford a smaller table, but if you plan on serving most dinners in the kitchen you’ll need some extra seating.



During the kitchen design process, it’s easy to overlook the amount of space needed for a proper kitchen table. “The focus is usually placed on the kitchen work area and the dining area is often an afterthought,” says Serra. “In existing kitchens, when replacing a table, it’s a great time to reassess lifestyle issues as well as how much space you want surrounding the tables and chairs.” 

Are you on the hunt for a new kitchen table?  We may have just what you need.

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