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A Beautiful, No-Fuss 1st Birthday Party

Written by Erica Chan Coffman of HonestyWTF and HonestlyYUM for Building Blocks.

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When planning my son Quincy’s first birthday party, I wanted to hold back on going overboard with a specific theme. I figured this would be the one year in Quincy’s childhood that he wouldn’t have an opinion one way or another! Ultimately, I wanted a fun and intimate backyard celebration with family and close friends.

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I built the decor around two essential party items: a teepee for the kids to play in, and gigantic balloons with streams of colorful tassels for that special celebratory touch. A couple of large rugs were important too, since I knew we’d have lots of babies crawling around on their hands and knees.

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Food that doesn’t require a fork or spoon is key when planning a party for kids and babies. I also wanted to keep everything healthy and kid friendly – a crudite platter with various handmade dips, thin crust pizzas cut into manageable squares, chilled organic pureed fruit and veggie pouches, baby puff snacks and of course, milk in individual glass bottles.

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It was a no-brainer when it came to deciding which cake to bake. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is a family favorite! I made a simple layered version, and I cut back on the sugar for Quincy and the rest of the kids. I love that he smashed into his first cake in a high chair that’s been passed down five generations!

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The birthday celebration turned out wonderfully – it was so much fun. I’m looking forward for many more to come!

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