Decorating for the Holidays: Merry & Bright

This holiday season, we’re breaking out of the red and green color scheme. That’s why we’ve partnered with Oh Happy Day to show us how to bring an extra pop of color to our holiday decorations. So put down the plaid and pick up the pastel – it’s time to make things merry and bright!

Start by selecting a fun color scheme. Have some fun with it! Adding color to your holiday decorations will not only update your space but it will also bring a playful and unique character to your home. Mix classic Christmas decorations, like a green flocked tree, with colorful mini ornaments for a modern twist. Keep that modern aesthetic going by wrapping your presents with marble wrapping paper and bright ribbons!


If your little ones love holiday cookies (who doesn’t?!), we recommend decorating cookies together as a family activity. Nothing brings the family together like a bowl of cookie dough! Let your little ones decide how they want to decorate cookies and let the creativity start flowing!


If all the cookies don’t get eaten, they can serve as adorable tabletop decorations. Nothing says Christmas more than glitter houses and fake snow. Trust us – you can never have enough sparkle and snow during the holidays!

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