Looking Back: Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit


Before Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter, there was a wonderfully talented author and illustrator named Beatrix Potter.

Although we can probably recite the story from memory, we wanted to share a look back at the life of Beatrix Potter and the origins of one of our most beloved characters, Peter Rabbit.


The story of Peter Rabbit originated from a series of letters written by Beatrix to help cheer up her late Governess’ son, Noel, who was often ill. These letters, which began in 1893, were tales written after Potter’s real-life pet rabbit named Peter. Less than 10 years after writing those letters, the first Peter Rabbit books were published and the first Peter Rabbit doll was filed with the Patent Office, sharing the magic of Peter Rabbit with the world.

Though it has been over 120 years since the first letter was written, we are still celebrating the life and work of Beatrix Potter today. Potter’s charming illustrations are brought to life with our exclusive collection at PBK. Check out some of our favorites below or view the full collection at

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