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Glitter Guide’s Holiday Must Haves

We all have that friend who always seems to knows what’s hip before everyone else.  She has an innate sense of style and is the go to person among your friend circle you check with before buying a gift.  Taylor Sterling, Founder of Glitter Guide, is one those people and we love her for it!  She fills the Glitter Guide with must haves for home and fashion all filtered through her unique sense of effortless style.  So we love that she agreed to curate some of her favorite gifts from our Holiday Gift selection with us.  We tasked Taylor and her crew to come up with an unique approach to celebrate the holiday and she didn’t disappoint!

Some people love wrapping presents while others don’t but who doesn’t love a party?  So why not combine both and throw a gift wrapping get together?  Everyone brings a roll of wrapping paper, a snack and a bottle – so simple but a great way to squeeze in some extra time with friends during the holiday rush.  We then asked Taylor to share a little insight into the holidays from traditions to avoiding stress.

Glitter Guide Gifting Potter Barn Bed & Bath 15Featured: Schott Zwiesel Tasting Flute // Oversized Triangle Throw

What is a tradition you have with your family during the holidays?
My family always takes a photo with us all crammed at the very top of the staircase on Christmas morning. It’s sort of hilarious these days since there are so many of us. It’s always an ordeal to get everyone to smile and to get the camera to auto-snap our picture. Those funny moments are ones I’ll always cherish.

Glitter Guide Gifting Potter Barn Bed & Bath 3Featured: Oversized Triangle Throw  // LED String Lights // Sheepskin Rug // San Francisco Pillow // NYC Crewel Embroidered Pillow 

Is there a family heirloom (old or new) that you love to display during the holidays?
My mom saved my old stocking from when I was a baby. It’s super sweet. Now I have it for my daughter. I love having special things to pass down to her.

Glitter Guide Gifting Potter Barn Bed & Bath 24Featured: Metallic Dot Stocking 

Do you have a tip for avoiding the holiday stress?
Just to go with the flow as much as possible. It’s hard to let go of your expectations for the holidays, but it’s important to remember that it’s really about spending time with loved ones and being grateful. That and having a glass of wine helps too!

Glitter Guide Gifting Potter Barn Bed & Bath 6Featured: Tessa Accessory Box

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Photography: Em Scott

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