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The PBteen Blog Launch Giveaway! (CLOSED)


We have a winner! Congrats to Deb C. from Texas!

It’s here! Welcome to the all-new PBteen blog, The Stylehouse. We’re so excited, and we hope you love it! Be sure to subscribe for your daily dose of design tips, recipes, inspirational quotes and more.

To celebrate our launch, we’re giving our readers the chance to win a $500 PBteen gift card. To enter, use the widget below to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and leave a comment telling us what you’d buy with $500 to PBteen.

See our official giveaway details here. Good luck!
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My second bedroom/office needs help badly. I would use the gift card to create a multipurpose living space with style! I just love pottery barn teen’s style and sensibility.

I would use it to decorate my son’s first OWN room! I would let him choose the them and fix it up nicely! He’s a big boy now! 🙂

Would love to update the other two boys’ rooms. One is already done with the NFL bedding and lantern style lamps above his bed. Love looking at your catalog for design ideas!!! I know the boys all want one of your mini fridges at home!!

I would let my daughter buy any new bedding set she wanted, along with matching accessories/pictures, etc. – she just turned 16 and she deserves to spoil herself with some fun, girly(yet more mature) bedding! This would be much needed, for sure!

My daughter is turning 13 tomorrow! I would use it to upgrade her room to more of a “teenagers” room with PBteen furniture and accessories! She is so deserving of it with all of her hardwork in Pre-AP classes being on honor roll, dedicated to her select softball team and is also playing school sports. She’s the choir Vice President as well! Just a really great kid!

My daughter is going to be a college freshmen in the fall, so would love to decorate her dorm room with our favorite Potterybarn Teen.

I would buy my four boys new bedding from PBTeen and also buy a set of bedding for my best friends son who is having a hard time right now. Thank you

I love pbteen .. I would buy myself a comforter for my bed, maybe a decoration for my wall, a pillow, and a lap desk and maybe a chair

Tomorrow I’m having ocular decompression surgery and this would be an amazing gift. I’m 14 years old and really really nervous about what is about to happen to me. If I won I would feel amazing! Thanks.

I would use the gift card to update my up and coming tweener’s bedroom. As we get older, our styles change and the princess curtains are not a hit anymore! I foresee lighting, pillows, curtains and more! A study area because that is super important even though in the back ground I am hearing “Oh geez MOM!!!” 🙂

What I would do with a $500 gift card is to redecorate my side of my bedroom of my apartment, I am just a college student that is on a budget that can afford a lot of stuff. So I would like to use that to get new bedding and decor for my side of the bedroom that I am sharing with another person. I wish that I could get a lot of stuff for my apartment, but I have to budget my money. So it would mean a lot if I could have a $500 gift card.

So glad you guys finally have a style blog! I love the PB Kids one, but PBTeen is my favorite of the stores, so this is really exciting!

Give it to my Niece for Her Birthday. She’s had a very hard year from moving & with kids at school picking on her and her clothes. She would LOVE this!

I would love to have my son’s room done! His birthday is coming up and I would love for him to have new bedding and sport things in his room. That would be wonderful!

☆ ☆ ☆ What a FABULOUS opportunity to get a chance to WIN a $500.00 Pottery Barn Teen Gift Card! My daughter would go WILD decorating her new room! SO EXCITING to have this chance! WE ♥ POTTERY BARN TEEN! ☆ ☆ ☆ Best of luck to Pottery Barn Teen on the launch of your all-new PBTeen Blog! Know it will be a HUGE HIT! ☆ ☆ ☆

I have twin daughters who are heading into the teen years. This $500 would go a long way in helping them with their rooms. We’re finally going to be moving to separate rooms soon!

My 13 year old daughter loves Pottery Barn Teen and earns a little something from Pottery Barn Teen as rewads. She would love to win a gift card to complete her room

My 13 year old daughter loves Pottery Barn Teen. She earns a little something from Pottery Barn Teen as rewards. She would truly appreciate winning a gift card from Pottery Barn Teen.

I have recently been admiring the IKAT stripe duvet cover from Pottery Barn Teen! My daughters share a room, and this would make the most stunning transformation on their twin beds! Adding some amazing embroidered pillows and a set of PB’s soft sheets would complete the look! I cant wait to get started with a $500 gift card!!!

I would buy cute decor for my new apartment next school year. I am an interior design major and everyone always expects me to have a really cute apartment, so if I won, then I would! I love Pottery Barn!

My oldest just turned 11and she wants to completely redo her room.. How fun would it be to win and be able to redecorate her room top to bottom 😉 I love her to pieces!!

I really need this money to redo my room! It really needs it! My parents are divorced and my mom has no job. So our budgets are super tight and I have the smallest bedroom so I want this gift card to help out with my room redo

with a 500 dollar gc I would have the best girls day ever, my oldest daughter is about to get her own room for the first time and we would love help shopping!

I got a PBTeen quilt for Christmas and I love it! I would love to be able to buy some other things to match and redecorate my room with the cute PBTeen furniture, decor and bedding!!!

my daughter is getting ready to turn 11 and I would love to update her room , she has had teh same blankets since she was 7. This would thrill her!

An update for the study that became bedroom after death of mother and husband as a caregiver I need to see upspring for the spring season

I am planning on redecorating my daughter’s room this summer. Love the ideas! I would buy some new bedding and the lazy susan book shelf.

I just bought my son the Oxford Shark Bedding…..LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I would continue to outfit his new bedroom in PBTeen shark and surf theme!!

I really, really want to get the shark-themed bedding and duvet cover. I run a shark diving project so we are always dreaming about our next shark dive. These would help me have good dreams:)

My poor son hasn’t been able to change his room for quite a while. I would re decorate it, the bedding, a picture, curtains, storage. He’d love it. 🙂

Daughter and I are redoing her room to celebrate her boho style and need to STORE all of her cute stuff–we’re in love with the platform beds with storage and pillows–so lounge-y cool!

My daughter’s room is currently decked in PB Teen (even though she’s only 8– other stuff is too babyish). We are finishing our third floor complete with loft for our girls, and the Emily and Merrill stuff is TDF!!! I want it all for their area…and mine to be completely honest!

I would turn a bedroom into an awesome hang out room for my “tweens” and their friends. You can never have enough friends to come over and hang out. We love PBTeens

I am redecorating my daughter’s room and could really use the gift card to accomplish that. We love your styles and decorating ideas. I go to your website for inspiration all the time.

I would love to buy some new stuff for my daughter’s bedroom, bed sheets, accessories, couch. It’s my bday next week and this is my wish, help me make it true

I have two teen daughters in one room, and I have to combine both of their styles as well as help them organize, I need all the help I can get! 🙂

you have the great products, i love to set my daughter a new room as she is growing up so fast , we are moving to a new house would love to theme a poterry barn for her room thank you so much for the chance

I would give it to my niece shes turning 13 and has always had to get her clothes from Hand Me Downs or GoodWill It would be Wonderful for her to be able to buy something NEW!! Generous opportunity Thanks so much 🙂

If I won the PB gift card, I would use it to get my son’s room ready for when he comes to his forever home. We are adopting him from South Korea and would love to give him the room of his dreams!

I would probably put the $$ towards a nice rug for the lounge, I have been wanting one for sometime now and is about time I got one 🙂

Ohhhhh, my kids would *love* to win this! I have two teens (13 and 17), so I would split it between the two of ’em and let them get what they want. My 17 year-old son would probably take his time, but my 13 year-old girl would have no problem spending that in a matter of minutes! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂


If I win, I would love to surprise my sweet fourteen year old with a make-over for her room. She designs her dream room online at PB Teen all the time.

I would at least love to by a new quilt for mine and my fiancé’s bed. We are very young, (19 and 22) but very much in love. I think it would be a great wedding present for the two of us and the joining of two loving and wonderful homes. I have always admired the patchwork on the quilts from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Teen is such an inspiring line that complements so many teen/tween design and decorating wants! Whether you choose one or two pieces to mix and coordinate with what you have, or choose to “go to the max” and PBTeen out your space – the line works! Fun! Flashy! On trend! Love it!

I will buy new down comforters and duvets for my girls! How exciting this would be !!!
Thanks ahead of time for possibly picking us!! The Jacksons in OHIO 🙂

i would redecorate my room because i haven’t gotten anything for it since i was 11! i would decorate it with things from PBteen that would help me make it more personal, filled with photo frames for pictures from last summer, the best of them all 🙂 x

We are moving in a few months and my daughter and son would love new bedding for their new rooms! Would love to win this gift card!!!!

I would make over my room since my sister will not let me use her room while she is at college. I still have the room of a 5 year old because of her.

I would love to win a $500 PBTeen gift card—I could decorate my dorm room as an incoming college freshman this fall with everything I want!! I adore PBTeen (I’ve wanted to redo my room with your decor since I was 12), and my dorm room would look amazing!

~ Our wonderful teenage daughter will be graduating this year. She has worked tremendously hard throughout her school years and was just chosen to receive the Medallion of Excellence Award in two counties. We are so proud of her and always longed to only provide her with love and support. The economy has broken so many families over the years so winning this will help her decorate the dorm room of the college that she shall choose. It will be beautiful!!! ~ thank you

With $500 I’d be excited to buy new bedding and widow covering for my teen son, and daughter. They are in desperate need for a more age appropriate decor

I would prepare for college, just getting things like bedding, and personalized accessories for my dorm! College is coming up soon and I’m not looking forward to the cost of living!

My 14-year old son could really use a new bed. He’s sleeping on a futon, so we’d definitely start with a bed. If there were any money left over we’d spend it on matching decor or organizational items.

I’m will be starting high-school soon , & ever since the 5th grade I have wanted to re do my room. When I grow up I plan on being an interior designer. It’s something I’m very passionate about. I’m a very hard worker. A straight A student & Junior Olympic athlete. It would be amazing to come home to a bedroom that I enjoy being in , after a long day of school & training. Somewhere peaceful while studying or to just relax. If I won this giveaway , it would help me out a ton. I do wish for my bedroom to be beach themed , which Pbteen is great for. I also have a birthday in two weeks.. (March 14th) so this would be a great gift/surprise!

If I won a 500 dollar gift card for pottery barn teen I would get blankets for my boys beds and new lights their room could really use it.

I am currently a college student and my dorm is decorated from pb teen! I went home for winter break to a newly decorated room all with pb teen! My mom fell in love with a comforter so id love to purchase a new bedroom set for her!

We ❤️ PBTeen! If we won the $500 gift card, we would accessorize for sure! So many cute things! Decisions! Decisions! Maybe wall art for my daughter’s bedroom and lounge chairs for both my son and daughter’s bedrooms?

My daughter needs a new bed, this would be awesome to get her the quality Pottery Barn offers. Beadboard Curved Headboard Bed would be perfect!<3

So fun! I’d decorate my room & get some stuff for friends! 😀 maybe plan a sleep over with sleeping bags and robes and things they could keep!

I would re decorate my room. I have been wanting to for the past couple years but I couldn’t find anything that fit my taste, except for the stuff at pbteen.

I would use it to “teen up” my daughter’s room. She will be 13 in June and she has had the same furniture from when she was 5!

I would probably update my son’s room! He’s only 5, but he acts like a teen sometimes!! Seriously though – I’d love to get him some real furniture now instead of “baby” stuff he has now.

Just expanded my room but unfortunately don’t have much decor or furniture for it 🙁 was looking at your website earlier today and found some items that I absolutely love!! Definitely going to be following the PB Teen blog because I’m pretty much obsessed with everything on your website!

I would buy my pb kid who is now a pb teen,a new bed. We have bedding and pretty pillows. My daughter has been with pb since she was an infant . We began redoing her room after her bat mitzvah last October. Thank you for the contest!

I would buy it for family and family friends who have kids that age…my room was all PBteen when I was 12 and I wish that for any other teenager

I would get some new prints and a new rug for my son’s room, and I’d buy some new throw pillows for my daughter’s room. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!

I would love to share this with the sweet teenage girl that gave my girls her old bed and bedding so she can get some new things!

Considering my room has absolutely nothing exiting because my parents don’t have jobs, and all the money I made this summer was put towards food and stuff for the family, I would defiantly redesign my room. I want it to be a mint color with black furniture. I need all the help I can get and this PB gift card would help A LOT with that! Thanks for having this contest I now have hope for a room!!!

I would let my son do some shopping for his room. This would be a really fun win. He would love to do some redecorating!

You may think I’m crazy but I myself LOVE a few of pottery barn Teen bedding for my room! It is SO pretty!!! I could get a new comforter for me AND for a grandkid! What fun I would have.

I would buy whole sets of throw pillows with a gift card, plus some cute bedspreads for going off to college. I especially need to complete my travel pillow set, though! Also, the nail polish desk is the cutest thing, EVER! So I’d have to get that

I would spend the money on furniture to redo my room so it looks cooler for my upcoming 15th birthday. I love PBteen!

We are moving, and my daughter always wanted her own room with cool stuff! So i would buy a denim chaise from emily and meritt

if I win the $500 gift card that would give me the chance to re-decorate my room and to give it some flare because it is a vary plain purple room with no decorations at all

March 2, 2014 at 3:05 p.m

If I were to receive this gift card, I would use the money to redecorate my room. I want to give it a fun makeover that makes it youthful and vibrant. A place that is mine to to the things I enjoy like school, reading and crafting!!

I painted my daughters room a couple years ago, but still have many bare walls. I would love to win this to buy some wall decor for their room.

We recently moved due to some life changes and this is my first time having an actually bedroom, so I would use the money to decorate my bedroom!

Im curltly sleepy on floor on a matresse right now, and that 500$ would really help to get me off the floor and in a cozy bed. cool contest great idea to start the blog. love it!!!
-xoxo megan

I would redo my entire room. I don’t have the money to redo do it yet. But if I won the $500 I would redo EVERYTHING. New bed, bedspread, blankets, headphones, phone case, pillows, bathroom stuff, wall decor. It would make my day

I would quit procrastinating and buy stuff for my girls’ bedroom and give it a make-over!! Right now, nothing matches, no theme, just a bunch of random stuff. Would love to buy new things and make their room super cute!!

I would love to purchase some of the Spring bedding that just came in. I know my bed is just about the biggest thing in the room and would like to have it colorful to brighten up my room!!

I would use this gift card to decorate my room. I came across this on pinterest and thought it was a great opportunity I just had to take. I know you don’t usually hear about people winning these things all the time, but it was worth the try. I’d hopefully use this gift card to decorate my room so it can finally represent me. I come home from school, cheer practice, and my everyday life to a drab room and I lack the finance to really fix it. So maybe my hope will lead me to a possibility. Thank you pbteen for creating cute room stuff for teens!

Our 12 year old is giving up her room for her baby sister, and we’d love the gift card to be able to make her ‘teen’ room beauitful!

My daughter is heading off to College in the Fall. We would use the GC to buy stuff for her dorm room 🙂

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Im curltly sleepy on floor on a matresse right now, and that 500$ would really help to get me off the floor and in a cozy bed. cool contest great idea to start the blog.

-xoxo megan

I am obsessed with PBteen. My whole room is decorated with it; but, I haven’t re-done my room for a few years and I would love to just start fresh (:

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I would completely redo my bedroom at home because we just moved into a different house and I have to start from scratch!

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I have always been obsessed with PB Teen! I’m hoping to win this gift card to help decorate my new apartment this fall and celebrate fulfilling my dream of being accepted to dental school! I will definitely need a new bookcase or two… 😉 Thanks, PB Teen!

My granddaughter could find lots of ways to spend $500 at Pottery Barn. We love their furniture and could redo her room with bedding and accessories. Would love to win!

I love your stuff! Today I’m buying some furniture for one son but want to buy for both (will have to wait and save more). Here’s a tip: PLEASE integrate technology into your furniture a little more. Really want a nightstand with an outlet strip- I’ve seen some with a lift lid to charge. Please consider that.

If I had $500 for pb teen I would defiantly redo my room. It looks so childish at the moment and I would love to give it a new theme

I would update my son and/ or daughter’s bedroom(s). Time to ditch the “space” them for him – he will be a “tween”!

I would love to update my little brothers room. He’s gone thru a hard time these past 2 years with his father gone. Please pick me!

Since I’m moving soon, I’d love to use it to decorate my new room! I love all the options from PBTeen so this giveaway would give me a bigger selection of items to buy.

I’m a poor college student and just signed my first ever apartment lease! I would use $500 at Pbteen to decorate my apartment!

My 14 year old daughter wants to re-do her room. $500 would help her make it amazing! Bedding, throw pillows, and a stool for her re-purposed makeup table.

I would buy the Emily Merritt gold bedding and that unicorn head. I really want that unicorn, but can’t justify buying it…though a $500 gift card would help that. 😉 lol

I share the money with my roommate and we would use it to decorate my dorm room at University of Michigan! We would be so grateful to have it so we can make our dorm feel like home!

I would redo my daughters room. She’s 11 now & her fav color is blue! Her room is still pink from her younger years! 🙂

I’d spend my money on some awesome lounge seating!! I’m in LOVE with the Emily+Meritt denim chaise, or maybe the luxe fur futon!! The eco lounger is super cute as well. Too many choices, but thanks for the giveaway!

I would use this $500 to redecorate my room that as a teen share with my four-year-old sister. At the time it has very little practicality and functionality! Your creative ideas and designs inspire me! I love PBteen so much!!!!!

With a $500 PBTeen gift card I would turn my room from shab to fan! I would finally be able to make it shabby chic like I have always wanted! 🙂

I am a writer and a crazy cat lover so my dream purchase would be the rockin roller desk chair. My back hurts when I sit in a regular chair for too long because I work on my feet all day as a server. I loved the fur collection and have a few small items but the leopard chair would be a unique useful piece in my apartment, that is not only functional but an aesthetic I would admire.

PBteen has the color, style and function I am drawn to as a creative individual. I look at the catalog a great deal for inspiration. If I had the money I would redo my entire room in PBteen. I have been so happy I purchased the snow leopard throw this winter. Living in Michigan this winter has been incredibly snowy and cold and it has kept me and my kitties quite toasty!

Thanks for the great quality and style PBteen!

OMG! I LOVE PBTEEN! I have entered and entered in so many contests and never won. I really would like to win, really I would. So I’m just hoping and praying that I will! Pbteen, please pick me! I think I would lose it if you did! I really need to win too, because I can’t afford to buy things from your store:( please, it would make my year!

With $500 I would buy some AMAZING furniture for my roommate and I and our beautiful new apartment at Virginia Tech!!! This would be so helpful for the both of us!!!

I would put the finishing touches on my daughters room. She has been asking for a pin board to match her PB Teen bedding and a chair to go with her PB Kids Madeleine writing desk. Wish me luck as her room is quite close to being complete!

I absolutely love the wall décor that pottery barn teen has to offer. I would buy some nice wall decorations to spruce up my sons room!

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