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Behind the Scenes

Getting to Know our Minted Artists

We are so excited to partner with Minted to collaborate with local and independent artists from around the world! This spring we challenged these artists to create a collection of art to coordinate with our newest designs. We were stunned by the amount of submissions that we received and it was SO hard to narrow it down to just a few. (Thank you to everyone that participated!)

These artworks include photography, paintings, illustrations and digital prints that range in all kinds of colors and sizes to make it easy for you to create your very own gallery wall. We were so inspired by these artists, not only by their creative talents but by their individuality that shines through each piece. So recently we sat down with a group of them to ask a few questions that we hope inspires your creativity as much as it did for us!

Meet Megan Kelso…


What inspired you to be an artist?

I was inspired by all the other artists and designers creating businesses and making a living in a creative capacity, and knew I could do that as well!

Where and what inspires you when you are creating art? Place, setting, or films, movies, or music.

I’m inspired by nature, especially the tiny details and patterns you only see when you stop and look closely. I love going for walks outside, hiking, and camping, and always come back with my mind buzzing with new ideas. Traveling and taking a break from working also inspires me to think about the big picture.

Meet Alicia Youngken…


Who is your favorite artist?

Well that’s easy. My younger brother Daniel Paulete is my favorite artist. I come from a very close, creative, athletic family, but Daniel’s art stood out and spoke to me in such a way that it inspired, and encouraged me personally and professionally. Mostly I found his creations were very personal, and I realized his art was truly an extension of himself.

What would you recommend for a young teen artist to get started? 

My best advice for a young teen artist to get started is three fold:

  • If art is your passion, stick with it even if there are peaks and valleys;
  • Learn, learn, learn, and then learn some more to expand your skills, and grow as an artist while broadening your abilities
  • And finally, surround yourself with others who support and encourage you. Those that may discourage you along the way (knowingly or unknowingly), have no idea where your personal artistic journey can take you. I’m a strong believer that all gifts and talents should be nurtured, and this creative journey is as unique to you as you are to this world.  

Meet Sarah & Carolyn…


Where and what inspires you when you are creating art? Place, setting, or films, movies, or music.  

Music definitely inspires us when we are creating. Music is constantly going when we are brainstorming, piecing things together, sharing funny stories or staring blankly at our screen trying to have that next creative moment!

How did your art partnership start?

Our partnership started when the economy took a decline about eight years ago. We both had careers in the design advertising field and had been great friends for even longer. We took our skills, drive and passion and went full steam ahead, creating art, working hard and having fun along the way.

Meet Robin Ott…

Robin Ott_3

What inspired you to be an artist?

My passion for photography took hold as a young girl. My father was a photographer with a home-based darkroom, and witnessing the transformation of light into tangible images was pure magic. 

Name of your favorite artist?

Charlie Harper. I’m fascinated by his minimalistic approach to his subjects. He can see nature in a unique way and recreate its beauty in exciting shapes, patterns and color combinations. The subject(s) in his paintings are seemingly simplistic, yet very complex in design. I identify with this, simple yet complex.

Meet Gwen Bedat…

GwenBedatYourself02 square

What inspired you to be an artist?

I’ve always been a creative at heart, for as long as I can remember. I’ve used many different ways to express myself over the years: I did a lot of writing growing up, started filming in my late teens, chose a career in television as a young adult, and have been doing a lot of graphic designing ever since.

What would you recommend for a young teen artist to get started? 

Don’t question your abilities to create! For years, I was convinced I couldn’t draw until the day I started using a pen tablet with my computer and realized I’d been wrong! While your technical skills will evolve over time, they do not define nor limit your abilities. There isn’t one right way to do things. Experiment and find your own ways and means of expression. And if I’ve learned something from the Minted x Pottery Barn challenge, it is that anything truly is possible, even when you believe the odds may be slim.

We hope these words of wisdom inspired you as much as they inspired us! Click here to be one of the first to shop their collection of art that we’re so proud to present in our stores and online.  ?

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