Getting Hands-On with Succulents with Colonial House of Flowers

Getting Hands-On with Succulents

One home trend that’s here to stay? Succulents! We joined forces with the dream team at Colonial House of Flowers to bring a hands-on workshop to our store in Atlanta, Georgia, where they gave us the dirt on how to create a lush display in three easy steps. So cool, so fresh, so easy!


Step 1: Pick a Vessel

With a little imagination, you can use just about anything to contain your arrangement. We’ve seen (and loved!) succulents potted in stones, lanterns, outdoor baskets and even vintage suitcases. At this workshop, the gurus used clear, cylindrical vases. This type of vessel lets you play with different layers of vase fillers and provides a 360-degree view of the arrangement.


Step 1: Pick a Vessel

Native to warm, arid climates, succulents have evolved to store water in their leaves and don’t do well with damp roots. Sand, stones and slices of wood make for stunning bases that let the water drain. If you’re using a planter without drainage holes, make sure to fill it up with special soil for succulents, which you can find at your local nursery.




Now that you’ve got your vase and your base, it’s time to start planting. There aren’t really many hard and fast rules here – feel free to play with size, scale and shades. From bright jade to dramatic hunter, different colors keep your arrangement from feeling too one-note. Once you’re perfected the placement, pour more vase filler around the roots and pack down. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem. Fresh or faux succulent arrangements will add life your home.


We had so much fun crafting these succulent displays, which make great gifts for others (or yourself). A big “thank you” to our friends at Colonial House of Flowers, who showed us that making a beautiful succulent display is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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PhotographyHarwell Photography / @harwellphoto

Aprons: American Grown Flowers | @americangrownflowers

Hand Painted Backdrop: Lanier Hays Moore, Georgia Southern University | @georgiasouthernuniversity

Local Honey SticksH.L. Franklin Honey | @hlfhealthyhoney

Watercolor of Pottery Barn Faux Echeveria SucculentCPhelan Designs | @cphelandesign

Hand Painted Pottery Barn Succulent MacaronsMarche de Macarons | @mdmacarons

Rock, Sand, Terrarium Supplies: Pottery Barn Lenox Square | @potterybarn_lenox

Terrarium Birch Wood Accesories: Accent Decor | @accentdecorinc

Succulent FarmMellano | @mellanoandcompany

Airplants, Flowers + Live GarlandMayesh

CHOF Workshop Presenter: Christy Hulsey, Mayesh Design Star

CHOF Workshop Event Planner: Morgan James with Derek Eason, Rachel Matthews, Christy Hulsey, Abigail Garland, Colonial House of Flowers / @colonialhouseofflowers



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oh, these are good!! love everything you are doing with succulents and love the work of colonial house of flowers. thanks for the DIY. it helps!

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