Get Ready For Prom In Style with the Confetti Bar

victoria_gloria_RC-92It’s prom season! (YAY) Click here for 10 prom essentials you will need for the perfect night! You’ve got the perfect dress, the cutest shoes, and you know exactly which hairstyle you’re going with. With all of that extensive planning and research you did to find the perfect dress, make sure you spend some time planning the perfect getting ready space and awesome photo ideas for your glamorous evening! We looked to our friends at The Confetti Bar for an inspiring place to get ready in (and take pictures of course)!

Jessica from The Confetti Bar says, “Every Confetti Girl needs to feel special sometimes, and what better way to do that than to get all dressed up for a sweet occasion? Whether it’s prom, a wedding, or just a fun date night, taking some time for you to feel beautiful and cared for is a great way to boost your confidence. And you of course need an inspiring place to get ready in! A romantic chair, gorgeous clothing rack, and a fun bean bag chair are all perfect choices to make your space a comfortable and inviting sanctuary.”


Start with a photo backdrop like this awesome “Confetti Land” Banner

[The Bannerie]


So you found the perfect dress, but it never hurts to have back-ups! Don’t hide your dresses, display them with our Emily & Meritt wardrobe rack!

[Dresses: The Dressing Room]

victoria_gloria_RC-48Oh La La what a perfect chair to get ready in!


Have someone snap photos of you getting ready too (putting on your makeup, jewelry and shoes)!


When you are all dolled up, get some confetti (psssst check out The Confetti Bar) and toss it around for a gorgeous photo! If you have a PBteen beanbag, sprinkle it there and jump on it for a fun and whimsical shot!


What are your Prom plans? Tell us in the comments! And if you are wondering what a day in the life of a Confetti Girl looks like, checkout their blog post here!

Photography: Victoria Gloria Photography
Hair & Makeup: Melanie & Stephanie of LLMUA
Styling: Oh My Gemini
Flowers: Wallingford Flower Shop

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