Get Ready For Autumn: Fall Decorating Inspiration

On a recent lunch stop at Napa’s gorgeous new restaurant The Thomas, we couldn’t help but linger at the restaurant’s windowsill displays, which boasted a bounty of autumnal decorating inspiration.

The sills were filled with a mix of cut glass vessels, antique blue books, and seasonal plants in orange, white, and wheat colors. The puffy dried florals in this photo are actually artichokes that have gone to seed. The orange pods may be more recognizable to most readers — they are Physalis alkekengi, more commonly known as Chinese lantern plants.

The color scheme for these vignettes is simultaneously a departure from and a reflection on traditional autumnal palette. The orange and wheat tones are classically fall, while the white and navy blue add modern pop to the look.


To try this look at home, we suggest the following

  • Head to the farmer’s market or local grocer to discover some unusual squash or pumpkin. Try turban, Lakota or Baby Boo squash, and white pumpkins such as the Casper pumpkin.
  • Try elevating the pumpkins or gourds in glass dishes, or framing them under one of our Glass Domes.
  • Purchase a bouquet of Chinese lanterns from the florist.
  • Take a walk in your neighborhood to find grasses or bushes that have gone to seed, and turned that delightful wheat-like color.
  • Stack similarly colored books together for your tablescape vignette or window display. You don’t have to stick with navy blue. Try black books for a more Halloween-themed vignette or add girly contrast with bright pink volumes. We also love the idea of purple, turquoise or deep brown books.


Source: Photos by Elka Karl

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