Fun Wreath Ideas for Christmas

Whether made of fresh green leaves or soft felt and poms, Christmas wreaths are a festive way to fill your home with the spirit of the holidays.


For a sweet handmade look that your little ones will adore, try our Plush Santa Wreath.

FunWreaths-3We love a DIY idea that gets the kiddies involved, and this Felt Wreath from SheKnows is the perfect project to do together. WIth fuzzy felt strips and simple instructions, it’s an easy craft that offers hours of fun.

FunWreats-5Tiny paper strips make for a beautifully minimalist wreath with this DIY Simple Paper Wreath from Mer Mag. With a few tiny helping hands, you’ll have a crafty decoration that reflects your child’s artistic touch.

FunWreaths-2We can’t get enough of plush poms, and our little ones love them too! This Pom Pom Wreath from Bluebird is a great choice for a child who loves to touch. Choose any variety of colored yarn for a totally unique look.

FunWreaths-4For a more ambitious traditional wreath, freshen up the typical dried leaves with a little color and some fresh florals. This DIY Christmas Wreath from Fellow Fellow is a nice balance of lush green and tiny pops of color for a more natural effect.

View more beautiful winter wreaths and garlands from our friends at Pottery Barn.

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