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Fun Things To Do on Best Friends Day

There is no better way to kickoff the week than with National Best Friends Day!! Did you know that you are a combination of the 5 people you surround yourself with most often? We’d bet that at least one of those people is your best friend. Since today is the day to celebrate being by each other’s side, we’ve put together a bucket list of fun things to do on Best Friends Day!

Best Friends For Frosting Confetti Bracelet DIY1. Make Friendship Bracelets

Every dynamic duo needs some arm candy! We love these Confetti Bracelets from Best Friends For Frosting because they are so unique and you can put special messages inside. (Fun Idea: make each other’s bracelets in your favorite colors then swap!)

PBteen Beach Towels2. Have Some Fun in the Sun

There should never be a summer day that goes by without some fun in the sun…or your bestie! We love packing a picnic and riding bikes to the beach. Make sure you pack some SPF, your water bottle and a towel!

PS. Did you know it’s also World Ocean’s Day? Best friends can totally celebrate by getting involved! Check out our post on 6 Easy Things You Can do to Help the Environment to get started and visit Oceana for more ways to preserve our oceans! Pitch Perfect 23. Go See a Movie Together

Gather up your best gals and catch the latest blockbuster in theaters! If you’re looking for a girl-powered, awesome and hilarious movie we can definitely recommend Pitch Perfect 2! (yes, we sang along the whole time… #sorrynotsorry!) Take a peek at the trailer here.

Sprinkles For Breakfast - Confetti Oreos4. Make Some Sweet Treats

Get creative in the kitchen with this Confetti Oreo recipe from Sprinkles for Breakfast. They are so easy to make and wildly colorful too! Perhaps you want to try baking something else? Check out our Food + Drinks Pinterest board for loads of other ideas!

Splendid Foot Bath5. Get Artistic and Paint Each Other’s Nails

It’s always fun to head to the salon for some pampering, but sometimes we just love to get creative! With so many cool nail design tutorials out there, like this one from Nailed It, you can totally fill an afternoon dipping your toes is a splendid foot bath and painting each other’s nails. (PS. we have an adorable Manicure/Pedicure Lapdesk that is perfect for painting!)

How to Pack for a Road Trip6. Go on an Adventure

We think that ‘Best Friends Day’ is the perfect excuse to check out a place you and your bestie have never been before! Take a drive to the next town over and have a bite to eat at a local restaurant or visit a nature preserve and go hiking. Whatever it is get out and do it! We can even help you pack… check out our post on How To Pack For a Road Trip!

What is your favorite thing to do with your best friend? Share a pic on Instagram and make sure to tag us @PBteen and #mypbteenbestie!



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